This is Naranja, one of my dragons in Flight Rising. She got her name because of her orange color. She isn’t actually a fire dragon, but I’ve given her some Flameforger’s Fest items to wear because it suited her.

All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

Naranja is a female Spiral.

  • Primary: Orange Speckle
  • Secondary: Rust Eye Spots
  • Tertiary: Splash Basic
  • Eye Type: Wind Common

Here is what Naranja is wearing:

Flameforger Crucible – Apparel – Skilled Smiths in the Magmablood Rebellion always carry a personal forge with them – there’s no telling when you’ll need to create weapon or armor on the go. (Flameforger’s Festival 2019 Holiday Item).

Black Iron Plates – Apparel – This portable smelter has been enchanted to keep blacksmiths active while on the move. (Flameforger’s Festival Holiday Item 2016).

Searing Crown – Apparel – A glorious crown awarded to dragons who have shown good leadership while visiting the Ashfall Waste (Flameforger’s Festival Holiday Item 2015.)

Ornate Copper Bracelet – Apparel – The perfect complement to any outfit, this copper bracelet sparkles when it catches the light.

The Ornate Copper Bracelet is not part of the Fireforger’s Festival Holiday. I just thought it looked cool with the other apparel that Naranja was wearing.

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