You can give each of your Flight Rising dragons a familiar.  It is sort of like a pet for one of your dragons.  Click on the familiar, every day, and you receive treasure.

Some familiars are more difficult to obtain than others are.  The Golden Bantam Fangar is one of the more difficult to get. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

Recently, Flight Rising went down for an extended period of time to deal with some issues. (Those issues have now been resolved).  Flight Rising is really nice to its players, and has given us “gifts” after an unexpected maintenance period.  This time, the gift was an adorable Golden Bantam Fangar familiar!

So cute!

Golden Bantam Fangar – Familiar – Bantam Fangar lines have been bred to produce a smaller, stockier cat.  Their soft purr can soothe hatchlings to sleep. – Sell Value: 0

It is possible to sell a familiar.  I’ve sold a few of them directly through the Hoard.  (Click the familiar, click the “Sell” button, sold!)  Right now, I’m trying to sell a familiar that I cannot use through the Auction House.  The game only allows you to have one of each type of familiar.  So, when I’ve randomly collected more than one, there isn’t much I can do with it other than sell it.

If you look at the information on the Golden Bantam Fangar, you will see that its sell value is zero.  I’ll be keeping mine.  It’s way too cute to sell, and I can use it.

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