The Graveyard Guardian was part of the 2014 Riot of Rot Celebration in Flight Rising.  It is an annual event that takes place at the end of October.  This year, all of the Holiday Familiars are bears.

Personally, I think this particular familiar looks kind of creepy.  Perhaps that is best, considering that it was the featured Familiar for the Celebration that honors the Plague Flight.  If you get the chance, go take a look at the way players in the Plague Flight dress up their dragons.  It will all make sense after that.  Oh, and it also goes nicely with Halloween, which takes place about the same time as the Riot of Rot.

The best time to pick up a holiday Familiar is during Elemental Festival that it was connected to.  If you missed that opportunity, there is a chance that you may find somebody selling one in the Auction House.  It has been said that the December Festival might give players a second opportunity to pick up a previous Familiar.  All of the artwork in this blog is copyright of Flight Rising.

There is a quick way to find out if an Elemental Festival is taking place in Flight Rising.  Click on the section called “Festive Favors”.  If a closed cart appears, it means that there is no Festival currently going on.  If there is a Festival taking place, you will see an open cart and some special wares.  This is what it looks like for the Riot of Rot Celebration:

You cannot buy the items in the Festive Favors cart with Treasure (the in-game currency). You also cannot use Gems (a currency that can be purchased with real world money and sometimes earned in the game). Instead, you have to use the special holiday currency. Each Elemental Holiday requires its own special currency, and you cannot use it for any other holiday. The Riot of Rot uses a currency called All-Seeing Shroom.

All-Seeing Shroom: – Holiday Item – A disgusting, writhing mushroom, covered in veins and tumors.  This can be traded at the Festive Favors shop during the Riot of Rot. – Sell Value: 0

Players needed to collect up 35 All-Seeing Shroom currency if they wanted to purchase the Graveyard Guardian Familiar.  How does one collect the special currency?  Go to the “Gathering” section of the game.  Use the drop-down boxes to select “Plague”.  The All-Seeing Shroom randomly drops as you do your usual gathering.  It will very likely take more than one day’s worth of Gathering in order to collect up enough special currency to get the Familiar.

Graveyard Guardian: – Familiar – Guardian of the Scarred Wasteland (Riot of Rot 2014) – Sell Value: 0

I will admit, I think this Familiar is icky looking.  I think the skeleton feet look kind of cool, but I’m still not sure what to make of the green veiny things that cover this bear.  This is not stopping me from leveling up this Familiar, however.  When I first started playing Flight Rising, I considered Plague Flight.  Looking back, I’m glad I went with Shadow Flight instead.  I find the aesthetics of the Shadow Flight related stuff to be very appealing.

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