There are several breeding achievements in Flight Rising.  The only way to earn them is to breed two dragons and hope that they will produce at least one baby with a particular “special” gene. There is a bit of randomness to how the babies will turn out.

I have earned the Guardfeathers Achievement.  All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.  

How did I earn the Guardfeathers Achievement?  First, I selected a dragon from my Lair that had the  Seraph gene.  (It’s the gene that makes their wings look like they have feathers).  Next, I selected the dragon that was the mate for the one with the Seraph gene, and bred the two of them.  After that, all one can do is hope for the best.

Laserbeak had the Seraph gene.  I purchased him from the Auction House as a mate for one of my dragons. Laserbeak also has the Gembond gene.  I was hoping he would produce a baby dragon that had at least one of those two “special” genes, because I needed both of the achievements that went with them.

Laserbeak is a male Imperial.
Primary: Silver Tiger
Secondary: Rose Seraph
Tertiary: Thistle Gembond

Laserbeak was purchased to be the mate for Jade, a dragon who was already in my Lair.  Jade came from parents who are both still in my Lair.

Here is what Jade looked like as a baby.

This is what she looks like in adult form.

Jade is a female Mirror.
Primary: Emerald Clown
Secondary: Green Eye Spots
Tertiary: Forest Basic

What would these two parent dragons produce?

They made two, brightly colored, Imperial babies!

Serifys is a female Imperial.
Primary: Thistle Clown
Secondary: Red Seraph
Tertiary: Azure Basic

She has the Seraph gene.  This is the dragon that got me the Guardfeathers Achievement.  I used the Random Name Generator in the game to find her a good name.  After a while, Serifys popped up, which sounds a lot like Seraph.

Guardfeathers – Birth a hatchling that exhibits the Seraph Secondary Gene. – Points: 10 – Earned 2014-01-27

Her brother has a couple of “special” genes, too.  I named him Chicago because he is almost (but not quite) the colors of the Chicago Bears.  I’ve decided to keep both of these Imperial dragons because I like the way the breed looks and because they are a bit expensive to buy on the Auction House.

Chicago is a male Imperial.
Primary: Caribbean Tiger
Secondary: Fire Eye Spots
Tertiary: Forest Basic

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