The Flight Rising Legacy Challenge is a 10 generation breeding challenge. To begin, you must purchase an ungened starter dragon. The goal is to end up with an attractive triple gened dragon at the end of the Challenge.

There are specific rules and limitations that you have to adhere to as you do the Challenge. In short, your first pair of dragons spawn the second generation. The first baby born becomes the heir, and grows up to be the founder of the second generation. And so on, and so on, and so on…

In this blog, I focus on my fifth generation of dragons. I’m halfway done with the challenge! All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

The dragons of the fourth generation produce dragons that become the fifth generation.  My fourth generation pair of dragons were Soar and Jacinto.

Soar is a female Guardian. She is the Founder of the Fourth Generation.
Primary: Storm Basic
Secondary: Blue Basic
Tertiary: Blue Basic

Jacinto is a male Coatl. He is the Mate of the Fourth Generation.
Primary: Blue Iridescent
Secondary: Steel Shimmer
Tertiary: Sky Gembond

As you can see, Soar has Blue Basic as her Secondary and Tertiary genes.  Jacinto has Blue Iridescent as his Primary gene.  The Iridescent part is “special”.  My hope was that these two dragons would produce an heir that had Blue Iridescent as its Primary gene and Blue basic as its Secondary and Tertiary gene.  If that happened, I figure it would have meant that I’d managed to produce a triple gened dragon by the Fifth Generation.  (Although, looking back, I am unsure if the  Iridescent part would make it not count.)

I like to check out the “Preview” feature to see what the potential offspring of a pair of dragons might be like.  It showed me a lot of very blue dragons.  I was hopeful that things would work the way I wanted them to.  Note: The “Preview” is not a guarantee of offspring, it is just a glimpse of what might happen.

Soar and Jacinto produced three eggs.

All of their hatchlings were very blue!  This was a good sign.  I wouldn’t know the details until I checked their genes.

The first dragon in the row becomes the heir.  That heir will turn into the Founder for the next generation.  The rest of the hatchlings stop being included in the Flight Rising Legacy Challenge after they are born.  I am free to do whatever I want to with them.

Chico is a male Guardian. He is the heir, and will become the Founder of the Fifth Generation.
Primary: Storm Basic
Secondary: Steel Basic
Tertiary: Blue Basic

Look at those genes!  Chico’s mother had two identical genes.  Chico, however, has three entirely different genes.  I’m right back to square one!  I suppose there is still time left in the Challenge to “fix” things, but I am unsure if I will be able to succeed.  Here is what Chico looked like as an adult dragon.

What about Chico’s siblings?  I can’t use them for the Challenge, since the rules state that the first dragon in line becomes the heir.  What were their genes?

Jarna is a female Guardian.
Primary: Storm Basic
Secondary: Stonewash Blue
Tertiary: Blue Basic

Here is what Jarna looked like as an adult dragon.

Teague is a male Guardian.
Primary: Storm Basic
Secondary: Splash Basic
Tertiary: Splash Basic

I would have been better off if Teague was the firstborn hatchling!  He’s got two identical genes.  Here is what Teague looked like as an adult.

The next step is to purchase a mate for Chico, the Founder of the Fifth Generation.  He’s already an adult, so it would be helpful if I could find an appropriate adult dragon on the Auction House. You have to purchase the mate dragons, and cannot use one that is already in you Lair.  The rules state that I can spend up to 50,000 Treasure for the mate dragon of the Fifth Generation.

Something new has been added to the Auction House.  Previously, you could select to search for a dragon that was male (or one that was female).  There were a couple of other options, too.  Now, there are more options!  This made searching for a mate for Chico so much easier!  For the previous portions of the challenge,  I had to scroll through a bunch of potential dragons.  It was tedious, and took a long time.  The changes made things quicker!

I set the price range for 1,000 Treasure – 50,000 Treasure.  This time, I was able to select the Element (or Flight) I wanted.  I’m in the Shadow Flight, so I picked Shadow.  The Auction House automatically sorted things so that I only saw the Shadow Flight dragons that were for sale.

Obviously, I selected to search for a female dragon, since Chico is a male.  I tried fooling around with the primary and secondary gene stuff, but there didn’t happen to be any dragons that completely matched what I entered.  So, I left that part at “All” and hoped for the best.

The dragon that I ended up buying was already an adult by the time I found her.   She had already been given a name – Frostfall.

Frostfall is a female Pearlcatcher.
Primary: Storm Iridescent
Secondary: Blue Shimmer
Tertiary: Blue Crackle

Both Frostfall and Chico have Storm as their Primary gene.  Their baby should end up with that gene too, I would think.  Frostfall also has Blue genes in Secondary and Tertiary.  Maybe she will contribute both to the heir hatchling.  I’m hoping to end up with a dragon that has Storm/ Blue / Blue.  Frostfall also has three genes that are “special”. I don’t necessarily need those to appear in the heir, but it would be a nice “bonus”.

Frostfall was being sold for 40,000 Treasure.  I was allowed to spend up to 50,000 Treasure for the mate of the Fifth Generation.

At the time I am writing this blog, Frostfall cannot mate for 14 days, and Chico cannot mate for 8 days.  It will be quite some time before I can see what the Sixth Generation turns out like.

* First Generation – Founder – no points
* First Generation – Mate – no points
* Second Generation – 3 hatchlings, all Tundra (1 point for each) – 3 points
* Second Generation – Treasure Genes (3 points for each) – Unnamed male has Blue Underbelly – 3 points
* Second Generation – Gem Genes (5 points for each) – Unnamed female has Maize Shimmer – 5 points
* Double Colors (3 points each) – Fluffy has Secondary Blue Basic and Tertiary Blue Basic – 3 points. Fluffy is the heir, so that means the points double and become 6 points
* Third Generation – 5 hatchlings, all Tundra (1 point for each) – 5 points
* Third Generation – 5 egg nest – 1 point
* Third Generation – 4 babies had double colors Secondary Blue Basic and Tertiary Blue Basic – 3 points each. Shamika is the heir, so her 3 points double to 6 points. 3+3+3+6= 15 points
* Fourth Generation – 2 hatchlings, both Guardian (1 point for each) – 2 points
* Fourth Generation – Double Colors – Soar had Secondary Blue Basic and Tertiary Blue Basic – 3 points. Soar is the Heir, so her points double – 6 points.
* Fifth Generation – 3 hatchlings, all Guardian (1 point for each) – 3 points
* Fifth Generation – Double Colors (3 points each) – Teague had Secondary Splash Basic and Tertiary Splash Basic – 3 points

TOTAL: 52 points

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