The Flight Rising Legacy Challenge is a 10 generation breeding challenge. The goal is to start with an ungened starter dragon and to end up with an attractive triple-gened dragon.

There are specific rules and limitations that have been put in place. In previous blogs about this challenge, I purchased a Founder dragon and then bought a dragon that would be his mate. The next step was to breed them. This produces the Second Generation.  I unexpectedly earned the Bellyflop Achievement from this batch of baby dragons. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

Here are my first generation dragons, Necco and Frostbite.  Necco is the Founder.  I’m going to mark each Founder with the Frigid Emblem.

Necco is a male Tundra.
Primary: Storm Basic
Secondary: Pink Basic
Tertiary: Blue Basic

Frostbite is a female Imperial.
Primary: Coal Iridescent
Secondary: Sky Shimmer
Tertiary: Blue Underbelly

They produced three babies.  These babies make up the Second Generation.  The first born hatchling will be the heir.

Fluffy is a female Tundra. She is the heir of the Second Generation.  After she grows up, she will officially become the Founder.

Primary: Coal Basic
Secondary: Blue Basic
Tertiary: Blue Basic

Here is what Fluffy looks like as an adult.  She is now wearing the Frigid Emblem.

This unnamed male Tundra caused an unexpected result.

Unnamed is a male Tundra.
Primary: Midnight Basic
Secondary: Navy Basic
Tertiary: Blue Underbelly

His Tertiary has the Underbelly gene.  This unexpectedly caused me to earn the Bellyflop Achievement.

Bellyflop: Birth a hatchling that exhibits the Underbelly Tertiary Gene. – Points: 10 – Earned: 2014-04-07.

Here is what this dragon looked like all grown up.

The last baby in the batch was another female Tundra dragon.

Unnamed is a female Tundra.
Primary: Black Basic
Secondary: Maize Shimmer
Tertiary: Blue Basic

Here is what this dragon looked like as an adult.

The next step in the Flight Rising Legacy Challenge is to find a mate for the heir.  The mate must be the same Flight as the heir.  Fluffy is the Shadow Flight, even though her parents were Ice Flight.

This is because she was born in my Dragon Lair, and I am in the Shadow Flight.  So, her mate must also be a Shadow dragon.  Obviously, the mate must be male, since Fluffy is female.  I am allowed to spend up to 20,000 Treasure for the mate.  The dragon cannot have already had babies.

This is the dragon that I ended up purchasing from the Auction House.  He got the name Quinton from the Name Randomizer.  I bought him as a baby and he quickly turned into an adult.  Nice timing!

Quinton is a male Imperial.
Primary: Steel Iridescent
Secondary: Blue Shimmer
Tertiary: Navy Basic

The upper limit I could spend on this dragon was 20,000 Treasure.  Quinton cost only 15,000 Treasure.

The next step is to breed Quinton and Fluffy – the Second Generation.  They will produce the Third Generation.  At the time I am writing this blog, Fluffy is ready to breed.  Unfortunately, Quinton won’t be ready to do that for 24 days.  It is going to be a while before I can make progress on this Challenge.

* First Generation – Founder – no points
* First Generation – Mate – no points
* Second Generation – 3 hatchlings, all Tundra (one point for each) – 3 points
* Second Generation – Treasure genes (3 points for each) – Unnamed male has Blue Underbelly – 3 points
* Second Generation – Gem genes (5 points for each) – Unnamed female has Maize Shimmer – 5 points
* Second Generation – Double colors (3 points each) – Fluffy has Secondary Blue and Tertiary Blue – 3 points – Fluffy is the Heir, so the score for this is doubled to 6 points
TOTAL POINTS: 17 points

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