I’ve been working my way through the Achievements in Flight Rising.  There is something about Achievements, in any game, that motivates me to try and earn them all.  (Or, at least all the ones that seem possible and/or fun for me to go after).

In Flight Rising, there are a total of 6 Achievements that you can earn by taking your dragons into the Coliseum and leveling them.  I recently earned two of those Achievements. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

Flight Rising has an Achievements section called “Battle”.  All of the Achievements listed there can be obtained by taking your dragons to the Coliseum and having them battle with monsters (or with the dragons of other players).  Keep going, and you will eventually earn them all.

I’ve been having my dragons fight against monsters for two reasons.  One, it just seemed easier. Two, the thing that “kills” a game for me is always the other players.  I have a low tolerance for players who are mean and nasty to others.  There is something about a competitive environment that brings out the worst behavior in a lot of people.

There are a total of three Achievements in Flight Rising that a player can earn by getting some of his or her dragons to Level 10.  I’ve managed to get two of them.

Level 10 – 1 Dragon: – Achieve Level 10 with one dragon.  Points: 10 

My very first Level 10 dragon is a female Fae that I named Bulah.

She is the third dragon I’ve owned.  Her parents were my two starter dragons, and Bulah was born into a two-egg nest (ahead of her sister).  In Flight Rising, you can have up to three dragons on a team (and can mix and match them however you want).

Bulah was on the team of dragons that I knew would hit Level 10 before the rest did. Which one would hit Level 10 first was going to be randomly decided (based on how a bunch of battles happened to go, and the luck of when each dragon got a turn).

It didn’t take long for the other two dragons that were on Bulah’s team to hit Level 10.  If you keep three dragons together as a team for a long time, they end up leveling very close together. The next two dragons to hit Level 10 were Bulah’s parents.  This meant I had 3 Level 10 dragons, and earned the Achievement for it.

Level 10 – 3 Dragons: – Achieve Level 10 with three dragons.  – Points – 15

Shadowspawn is a female Guardian dragon.  She is the one I started with (and chose the colors for).  She is Bulah’s mother.  Shadowspawn ended up being my second Level 10 dragon.  I was kind of hoping she would hit Level 10 first, since she’s my original dragon.  But really, it doesn’t matter which dragon hit Level 10 first.

Bob is a male Fae dragon.  He is the one that magically appeared when Shadowspawn started making her Dragon Lair.  (In other words, the game automatically gave me a male Fae dragon that could be used to breed with my original female dragon.  I picked the name myself.)  He is Bulah’s father.  Bob became my third Level 10 dragon.

What’s next?  I’m giving this team a break in favor of working my next team up to Level 10.  All the dragons in that team are currently Level 9.  The next Battle Achievement I’m working towards is the one you get when you manage to level a total of 10 dragons all the way to Level 10.

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