Flight Rising is a browser based game where you control a Lair full of dragons. In addition to the dragons, the game offers a variety of other stuff, including a Fairground of simple games. My favorite one is Mistral Mahjong.

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I’m not sure when Mistral Mahjong was added to Flight Rising. I have a tendency to play a whole lot of Flight Rising for a while… and then step away. When I return, there is almost always something new.

Years ago, I used to play a game called Burning Monkey Mahjong. It was a standard Mahjong game – with the addition of colorful monkeys that made amusing comments from time to time.

I can’t remember what happened to that game. It either stopped working as my computer upgraded, or maybe I lost it. Since then, I’ve looked around for another Mahjong game, but haven’t been able to find one I liked as well as Burning Monkey Mahjong.

Then, I found the Mistral Mahjong in Flight Rising. It has several different setups: Turtle, Butterfly, Wind Rune, Balloon, Crescendo, and Bamboo. Some of the images on the tiles are runes that correspond to the dragon clans.

It is a peaceful game that I enjoyed playing, and I’m happy that it was added to Flight Rising. There are several other games to play in the Fairground. At the moment, it is my favorite one.


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