I think I’m beginning to get the hang of Flight Rising. This post is an update of the cool stuff I did with my dragons since last time. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

My first set of hatchlings grew up and look different than they did as babies.

Pepto is a female Fae.
Primary: Lavender Basic
Secondary: Steel Basic
Tertiary: Leaf Basic

Bulah is a female Fae.
Primary: Splash Basic
Secondary: Avocado Basic
Tertiary: Leaf Basic

Legend, who will be a mate for Bulah, grew to adulthood and looks different now.

Legend is a male Tundra.
Primary: Ice Basic
Secondary: Ice Basic
Tertiary: Mulberry Basic

Then, I bought a new set of dragons. There are a bunch of different breeds, and I think it would be cool to have at least one of each type in my Dragon’s Lair. These two will be mates for each other (after they grow up). In addition to searching for breeds I didn’t have yet, I also was looking for genes that my Lair lacked.

Sassafras is a male Mirror.
Primary: Fire Tiger
Secondary: Royal Freckle
Tertiary: Goldenrod Underbelly

His name came from the Random Name generator. Something about his colors and expression made me feel that Sassafras was a good name for him.

Few is a female Imperial.
Primary: Emerald Clown
Secondary: Spring Eye Spots
Tertiary: Storm Basic

Her name also came from the Random Name Generator. I read somewhere that Imperial dragons were originally given out to people who… helped with the Kickstarter for Flight Rising (I think). I am of the impression that, at some point, perhaps the game stopped generating them. They are not as easy to get as some other breeds. So, Few sounded like a good name for her.

I was done buying dragons. Of course, that’s when I found a random Shadow egg. (I am in the Shadow Flight). Now, I had three choices. Keep the egg in the Hoard, and hatch it at some later point in time. Sell the egg on the Auction House. Hatch it myself and see what kind of dragon pops out. You can hatch these eggs instantly, without making use of the Nesting Grounds.

Smokey is a female Fae.
Primary: Grey Basic
Secondary: Charcoal Basic
Tertiary: Grey Basic

I chose her name myself, because she looked like a smoke colored dragon. The interesting thing about Smokey is that she does not have parents (just like my original two dragons, Shadowspawn and Bob do not have parents). This means that I could, potentially, mate her with Bob (after she grows up). I decided to keep her.

Shadowspawn and Bob were ready to breed again. This was their second time. They produced two eggs (the same number as the first time they were bred).

Here are the babies!

The Fae is male and unnamed.
Primary: Obsidian Basic
Secondary: Green Basic
Tertiary: Ivory Basic

The Guardian is female and unnamed.
Primary: Teal Basic
Secondary: Swamp Basic
Tertiary: Green Basic.

What do I do with them? I can’t mate them together, because they are siblings. I can’t mate them with Shadowspawn and Bob, because those are their parents. I also cannot mate the Fae male with his older sisters, Pepto and Bulah.

I could mate the male with Smokey, but that will result in more Fae dragons. I’m trying to get some diversity in the Lair. Or, I could mate the new babies with the other babies I bought from the Auction House. But, I’d rather mate Sassafras and Few together, to see what color dragons their interesting genes produce.

Based on this, I decided to put the new babies of Shadowspawn and Bob on the Auction House. Maybe someone will buy them. This will be my first time selling dragons on the Auction House. I’ll let you know how that turned out in a future post. (I can’t quite remember, but I think I set the auction to last for seven days).

The only other cool thing I did was figure out how to have the dragons fight in the Colosseum. Well, not all of them. The babies cannot do it until they become adults. I’d been wondering why my dragons were not leveling up. You have to let them fight in the Colosseum in order to gain experience and level.

These dragons are now level 3:

These dragons are still at level 1:
And the two babies that are in the Auction House, waiting for a new home

Goals for next time:
* I found another egg. It is being stored in my Horde until later. I might hatch it and see if that dragon would be a good mate for Smokey.

* If I don’t hatch it, then I will need to find a mate for Smokey (eventually).

* I want to continue to level all dragons that are old enough to fight.

* Right now, I don’t have any dragons that are ready to breed (and that have a potential mate within the lair that is also ready to breed). I want to breed more, but that may have to wait until they manage to sync up.

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