The Murktooth Bramblekeep was the holiday Familiar for the 2015 Trickmurk Circus event.  This Elemental Holiday took place at the end of February 2015.  The easiest way to obtain a holiday Familiar is to gather up the right amount of holiday currency while the event is going on.  Miss that “window” and it will be a lot more difficult to get that particular Familiar.

The Murktooth Bramblekeep cost 35 Shimmering Pinecones (the holiday currency that connects to the Trickmurk Circus).  All you have to do to get the holiday currency is Gather Items.  Make sure you use the dropdown box to select “Shadow”.  The Shimmering Pinecones will randomly drop during the Trickmurk Circus. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

I recommend that players keep whatever holiday currency they have “leftover” after a holiday event ends. The currency will sit in your Hoard and you can use it next year (when the same holiday even returns again). This year, I was able to purchase all of the holiday items for the Trickmurk Circus, thanks to the Shimmering Pinecones I gathered this year, and the ones I’d saved from last year.

The holiday Familiar for the 2015 Trickmurk Circus was the Murktooth Bramblekeep.  It cost 35 Shimmering Pinecones.


 Murktooth Bramblekeep: – Familiar – Guardian of the Tangled Wood (Trickmurk Circus 2015.) – Sell Value: 0

This is Marroo.  He’s one of the many Shadow dragons that is in my Dragon Lair.  I’m in the Shadow Flight, so that makes sense.  Breed enough dragons, and you will end up with a majority of dragons that match your Dragon Flight.  This year, I was able to purchase all of the Trickmurk Circus apparel.  Marroo is wearing all of it.  I think it looks great on a purple dragon.

The brambles that are hugging him are called Moonglow Thorns.  They cost 65 Shimmering Pinecones.

Moonglow Thorns: – Apparel – Those who pass through the Tangled Wood uninvited may return adorned in brambles.  A sign of displeasure or a sign of favor? (Trickmurk Circus 2015 Holiday Item) – Sell Value: 0

The sash that Marroo is wearing is called Shady Sash.  It cost 35 Shimmering Pinecones.

Shady Sash: – Apparel – A ceremonial sash gifted to those who have brought honor to the Tangled Wood.  (Trickmurk Circus Holiday Item 2015.) – Sell Value 0

The emblem that Marroo is wearing on his head is called Shady Emblem.  It cost 40 Shimmering Pinecones.

Shady Emblem: – Apparel – A glowing shadow rune; the sign of a true magical adept. (Trickmurk Circus Holiday Item) – Sell Value: 0

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