You can assign any Familiar to any of your Flight Rising dragons.  (The only exception is if you get more than one of a particular type of Familiar.  Only one can be used by your dragons).  Check in every day and click on each Familiar.  They will give you treasure, and the occasional chest full of random stuff.

I had noticed that my Familiars were leveling.  What happens when my Familiar is at Max level? All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

The very first Familiar I got in Flight Rising was a Grey River Flight.  It’s an otter with wings! I assigned it to my original dragon, Shadowspawn (a female Guardian). Familiars are sort of like pets for your dragons. As you can see, each Familiar starts out at “Wary”. Click on the little heart below the Familiar daily, and they will bond with your dragon (and “level”).  They also give you Treasure and some random loot.

In the back of my mind, I was wondering if there would be a limitation on how much Treasure and loot one could get from a Familiar.  Do they “level up” from their starting point indefinitely?  Will they eventually reach max and cease to be a source of Treasure and random chests of loot?  I’d hoped not.

The answers have been revealed!  Yes, each Familiar can reach a maximum “level”.  It literally hits “MAX”.

When a familiar reaches a new level, it gives you a chest.  You have to open it to find out what is inside.  There will be a certain amount of Treasure.  Some contain gems.  There will also be some random loot inside the chest.  The maxed out Grey River Flight gave me a “Gilded Decorative Chest”.  Ooh… shiny!

Gilded Decorative Chest: What a prize!  This golden chest gleams in the sunlight and is decorated with jewels and beautiful platinum designs. It’s extremely heavy.  Surely there is something valuable within. – Sell Value: 0

Here is what was inside the Gilded Decorative Chest:

The doll is called a Rotting Plaguebringer Effigy.  It is a Trinket.  There is an achievement that you can earn by collecting up all eleven dolls of the Elemental Gods of Flight Rising.

Rotting Plaguebringer Effigy: A crudly-fashioned stuffed doll that resembles the Plaguebringer.  The dragon leather it’s held together with is molding and smells awful. – Sell Value: 1000

The helmet that reminds me of the Viking helmets that can be seen in some movies is called a Pillager’s Helm.

Pillager’s Helm: A dented, horned helm, covered in rust and sand.  It smells like old sweat.

The Pillager’s Helm is now sitting atop the head of  Sunshine, a female Guardian dragon.

The White Queen is another Trinket.  You need it for the Checkmate! Achievement.  I’ve already earned that one, so I can sell this chess piece, or hang onto it in the hopes that Crim will offer me a good price for it at the Trading Post.

The icon with the gold coins shows that I have received 7,972 Treasure from the Gilded Decorative Chest.  Treasure is the in-game currency.  It is very useful!

The blue icon of the diamonds indicates that I have received 19 gems from the Gilded Decorative Chest.  Gems are used to upgrade your account and purchase special items.  (You can also purchase gems with real world money).

Was this heavy chest, filled with loot and Treasure (and gems), the “last hurrah” for the Grey River Flight?  Did it mean that I wouldn’t be able to click on it anymore (and have it drop more Treasure every day)?  Nope!  To my delight, you can have a Familiar hit MAX and still collect from it after that.  How nice!

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