There are several Breeding Achievements in Flight Rising.  Some of them involve hatching dragons that have a specific gene.  The rest require players to obtain a certain type of Unhatched Egg.

Personally, I find it fun to see what kind of dragon comes out of the egg.  One thing is for certain – that dragon will have no parents.  This means the dragon can breed with any dragon in your Lair.

All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

There are two ways to obtain an Unhatched Egg.  One is to figure out which of the Breeding Achievements you want to earn and then to buy an egg from the Auction House that corresponds to that particular Dragon Flight. The other way is to try Scavenging (which is part of Gathering) and hope an egg turns up.

I decided to go ahead and buy an unhatched egg from the Auction House.  After taking a minute to check on prices, I selected a Nature Egg.  Obtaining the egg is enough to earn the Nature Egg Achievement.

Nature Egg: – Find or obtain an unhatched Nature Egg.  Points: 20  Earned: 2-16 – 07 – 10

Players do not have to actually hatch the egg in order to earn the Nature Egg Achievement.  So, I could have put the Unhatched Egg back on the Auction House in the hopes that someone else would buy it.  Instead, I decided to hatch it (because that is more fun).

Hatch Dragon Egg: – You are about to hatch an Unhatched Nature Egg.  There is no telling what the dragon inside will look like!  This action is irreversible.  Are you sure you want to continue?

The text serves as a “last warning” to players.  If you reach this point and have second thoughts about hatching the egg, click “Cancel”.  Otherwise, click “Hatch” and see what kind of dragon you get!

The Unhatched Nature Egg cracks and splits open!  A newborn Tundra Female shakes off the shell and opens its eyes.

Esmeralda is a female Tundra.
Primary: Avocado Basic
Secondary: Umber Basic
Tertiary: Cantaloupe Basic

A lovely green and brown dragon was inside the Unhatched Nature Egg.


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