The Nature Sprite Familiar was part of the 2014 Greenskeeper Gathering Festival in Flight Rising. The Festival takes place during the last week of May.  As always, players who fail to obtain the current holiday Familiar will be unable to get one using the holiday currency.  There is potential that someone might be selling a Nature Sprite on the Flight Rising Auction House.

I’ve been trying to collect up all of this year’s holiday Familiars (mostly because they are so cute!)  All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

There are several Elemental Holidays in Flight Rising.  Each one is connected with a particular Dragon Flight.  The Greenskeeper Gathering corresponds to the Nature Flight. Every Elemental Holiday takes place during the last week of the month. Players can also check to see if a holiday is taking place by clicking on the “Festive Favors Shop” link in the Flight Rising game. If there is no holiday currently going on – the shop will be closed.

There are exclusive holiday items that are offered for each specific holiday. I’m not sure if any of the items carry over into the next year. I suspect that the holiday Familiars are exclusive for a particular year. My guess is based on what I see in the Bestiary. Holiday Familiars from last year, that I did not obtain, are marked as “locked”.

This is what the Festive Favors area looked like during the Greenskeeper Gathering Festival.

You cannot purchase the holiday items with Treasure or Gems. Instead, you need to use the holiday currency. There are two ways to obtain the currency (for any holiday Festival in Flight Rising).

One way is to do some Gathering.  Go into the “Gather Items” section of the game and spend your Turns.  Use the drop down box to select the Dragon Flight that corresponds to the given holiday.  For example, the Greenskeeper Gathering is connected to the Nature Flight.  So, you want to select “Nature” from the drop down box.

The other way to obtain holiday currency is to take your dragons to the Coliseum.  Sometimes, the holiday currency will drop as a prize after a successful battle.

  The special holiday currency for the Greenskeeper Gathering is called Bladed Flatleaf.

Bladed Flatleaf: – Holiday Item – A giant bladed leaf, covered in dew.  This can be traded at the Festive Favors shop during the Greenskeeper Gathering.

You need to have 35 Bladed Flatleaf currency in order to purchase the Nature Sprite.  It was the first thing I bought from this year’s Greenskeeper Gathering Festival.  I think she looks like a flower.

I also managed to collect enough of the Bladed Flatleaf currency to make another purchase.  I decided to buy the Druidic Armband (which cost 25 currency).

Druidic Armband: – Apparel – A green jeweled armband, commonly worn by denizens of the Viridian Labyrinth.  (Greenskeeper Gathering Holiday Item)

Which of my dragons should wear that lovely piece of jewelry?  I decided that it looked best on Pepper, a female Tundra.  Technically, she isn’t a Nature dragon. (She is an Earth dragon).  Even so, I think it looks great on her.  It also looks much nicer than the green arm wraps she had been wearing.

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