Every month, Flight Rising has a end of the month event that connects to one of the eleven Dragon Flights. In December, the twelfth month, they do a special event. It started on December 25, 2014, and ended on January 4, 2014. It featured a brand new type of dragon – the Nocturne – which would only be available for a limited time.

I was fortunate enough to get two Nocturne dragons and a special “mimic” Familiar during this event. Players who were unable to obtain a Nocturne dragon should check the Auction House in a few months. There’s bound to be baby Nocturne dragons for sale, at a reasonable price, eventually. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

There were a number of ways that a player could obtain a Nocturne dragon.  One way is to use your Gathering points in the “Scavenging” section (for any Flight) and hope that a random Nocturne egg would drop.  Hatch it – and you have your very own Nocturne Dragon.  You could also buy a Nocturne dragon, or an unhatched Nocturne egg, from the Auction House.

It was also possible to have a Nocturne egg appear inside one of the new items called “Strange Chest”.  These could be obtained by fighting strange new monsters in the Coliseum.  Or, you could buy an unopened one from the Auction House.  I ended up buying two Strange Chest items from the Auction House.  Most of mine came from the Coliseum.  A few came from “Scavenging”.

The Strange Chest items are going to “disintegrate” starting on January 5, 2014.  Open all of yours before then!

Strange Chest – Chest – An odd dusky chest that rocks eerily back and forth of its own volition. Something about it does not sit well with you, but you still totally want to open it.  Disintegrates January 5th, 2015.  – Sell Value: 0

The Strange Chest items ended up giving me a lot food that I could feed to my dragons.  This was fine with me.  Food is useful, and I always seem to be running low on it!

Chameleon – Meat – It is said that chameleons are great for determining a dragon’s mood.  Wrap one around your finger, watch the color change, then have a snack!  – Sell Value: 40 – Food Points: 4.

Lakebottom Flounder – Seafood – The weird-looking flounder is sometimes dried and used as a platter for much more attractive-looking seafood.  – Sell Value: 40 – Food Points: 4.

Living Stones – Plant – Nature has produced a plant that looks exactly like a rock.  Unfortunately it also looks a little bit like a butt. – Sell Value: 40 – Food Points: 4.

Leaf Insect – Insect – Plant-eating dragons are unpleasantly surprised when they end up with a mouthful of these little guys. – Sell Value: 40 – Food Points: 4.

I liked that it was easy to tell if you were going to receive a Strange Chest from the Coliseum.   If your dragons fought the “Snarling Mimic” monsters, and lived – you could count on receiving a Strange Chest.  Here’s what the “Snarling Mimic” monsters looked like:

One of the Strange Chests I opened contained a special Familiar.  It was one that I did not have yet (because it was new with the Night of the Nocturne event).  This particular Strange Chest came from the Coliseum.

Sundial Imposter – Familiar – There’s something jarring about this bear… – Sell Value: 2900.

I really like the way this Familiar looks!  It is a recolored version (or, a “mimic”) of the Sunbeam Ursa Familiar that was obtainable during the 2014 Brightshine Jubilee.  The Sunbeam Ursa looks like this:

I’m working on leveling up some of my dragons.  To me, it felt like the best loot I got from the Night of the Nocturne event came from the Strange Chests that dropped from the Coliseum.   One of the two Strange Chest items shown in the above screenshot contained an Unhatched Nocturne Egg.

Unhatched Nocturne Egg: – Dragon Egg – A tiny Nocturne hatchling grows within.  The thick, armored shell makes it unclear what elemental alignment it has taken. – Sell Value: 0 – [Left-Click to Hatch]

Players who try to hatch an Unhatched egg (of any dragon species) get a “warning” before they do it.  I think that is a good idea, especially since it is possible to save an Unhatched egg or to sell it on the Auction House.  The “warning” makes you take a second and evaluate your decision to immediately hatch it.

Hatch Dragon Egg – You are about to hatch an Unhatched Nocturne Egg.  There is no telling what the dragon inside will look like!  This action is irreversible.  Are you sure you want to continue?

Of course, I hatched the egg.  I didn’t have any Nocturne dragons yet.  Whatever this one looked like – whatever gender it was – I was happy to accept it.

Hatch Dragon Egg – The Unhatched Nocturne Egg cracks and splits open!   A newborn Male shakes off the shell and opens its eyes.

He turned out to be a rather nice looking dragon!  His green eyes indicate that he is from the Nature Flight.  My Dragon Lair is in the Shadow Flight, so most of my dragons have purple eyes.

Here is what Eveningstar looked like as an adult dragon.

I was pretty excited to get a Nocturne dragon because I didn’t think I would end up with one.  The egg that Eveningstar hatched from was the only one I had drop.  I visited the Auction House and found that all Nocturne Dragons were out of my price range.

When it got close to the end of the Night of the Nocturne event, I decided to go ahead and purchase another Unhatched Nocturne egg from the Auction House.  This was a bit of a gamble. There was no way to know what the dragon that was inside the egg would look like.

I had no way of knowing if it would be a boy or a girl.  Ideally, I wanted a girl so I would have the potential of mating two Nocturne dragons and making Nocturne babies someday.  After raising a little more Treasure (the in-game currency) by playing some of the Fairgrounds games – I took a chance and bought an Unhatched Nocturne Egg.

Hatch Dragon Egg – The Unhatched Nocturne Egg cracks and splits open!  A newborn Female shakes off the shell and opens its eyes.

Cinnamon is a female Nocturne.
Primary: Rust Basic
Secondary: Carmine Basic
Tertiary: Royal Basic

I got super lucky and ended up with a female Nocturne dragon!  She also has green eyes, which means she is from the Nature Flight.  The Nocturne dragons could come from any Flight, so it was cool that both of mine were from the same one.  Someday, these two Nocturne dragons will have extremely colorful babies!

Here is what Cinnamon looked like as an adult dragon.


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