I’ve got a red Tundra dragon and a green Snapper dragon in my lair. My plan was to breed them and make red and green colored “Christmas dragons”. The eggs hatched today, but none of the babies turned out like I expected them to.

This blog focuses on the babies who definitely aren’t “Christmas dragons”. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

Here are the parent dragons: Tomato and Pepper

Tomato is a male Tundra. I got him through a trade.
Primary: Maroon Basic
Secondary: Tomato Basic
Tertiary: Teal Basic

Pepper is a female Snapper (that I bought off the Auction House to be a mate for Tomato).
Primary: Jungle Speckle
Secondary: Jungle Basic
Tertiary: Tomato Basic

This was their first breeding. They produced three babies, none of which was Christmas colored.

The first unnamed dragon is a male Snapper.
Primary: Soil Basic
Secondary: Slate Basic
Tertiary: Green Basic

None of these genes came from his parents! I am keeping him (for now) because I don’t have a brown dragon yet. I might wait to see what he looks like as an adult, and make a final decision then.

The second unnamed dragon is a female Tundra.

Primary: Rust Basic – This came from neither parent.
Secondary: Gold Basic – This came from neither parent.
Tertiary: Tomato Basic – Both of her parents have the Tomato gene.

I have put this little girl on the Auction House. She looks too much like her father, and I want variety.

The third unnamed dragon is a male Snapper.

Primary: Sunshine Basic – This came from neither parent.
Secondary: Tomato Basic – Both parents have this gene.
Tertiary: Beige Basic – This came from neither parent.

I am keeping this one, for now. I don’t have an orange dragon yet (and have had difficulty finding one on the Auction House). I’m going to wait and see how orange he looks after he grows into adult form.

So much for the idea of making a batch of “Christmas dragons” to sell! There is the potential that, if I breed them again, they could produce some next time. Or, maybe they will make red and green “Cinco de Mayo dragons” instead. I’ve missed the “window” for selling “Christmas dragons” this year.

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