Flight Rising is a game where players get to control a Lair filled with dragons.  There are many things that you can do with your dragons, including breeding them, leveling them up by having them fight in the coliseum, and dressing them up with fun and interesting pieces of apparel.

Every month, there is a special Festival that honors one of the Dragon Flights.  The 2016 Greenskeeper Gathering took place during the last week of May of 2016. This festival honors the Nature Flight. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

Players who want to purchase the items that are available at the Festive Favors booth must use the special currency that goes along with the current festival. The easiest way to get it is to do Gathering (making sure to select the Flight that is honored by the festival that is going on).

This year, I got lazy and decided to use up the special currency that was in my Hoard from last year.  I also bought some from the Auction House.

This is what the Sapling Speaker looks like.

Sapling Speaker: – Familiar – Elemental acolyte of the Gladekeeper.  (Greenskeeper Gathering Holiday Item 2016.) – Sell Value: 0

I gave the Sapling Speaker to Shiny.

Shiny is a female Fae
Primary: Coal Iridescent
Secondary: Lavender Shimmer
Tertiary: Emerald Basic

Shiny is wearing two of the special pieces of apparel that were part of the 2016 Greenskeeper Gathering.

Butterfly’s Kiss: – Apparel – A clever disguise yields new friends! (Greenskeeper Gathering Holiday Item 2016) – Sell Value: 0

Grove Sylvan Wings: – Apparel – A pair of graceful grove wings. – Sell Value: 1900

Few is wearing the Druidic Crown from the Greenskeeper Gathering 2016.

Few is a female Imperial
Primary: Emerald Crown
Secondary: Spring Eye Spots
Tertiary: Storm Basic

Druidic Crown: – Apparel – A glorious crown awarded to dragons who have shown good leadership while visiting the Viridian Labyrinth (Greenskeeper Gathering Holiday Item 2016.) – Sell Value: 0

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