Flight Rising has many breeding achievements.  Pair two of your dragons in the Nesting Grounds. Cross your fingers, and hope.  There is a chance that the dragons might produce a baby that has a “special” gene.  That’s basically how it works.

Of course, the babies can’t have a particular “special” gene if neither of the parents have it.  Even then, it is a bit of a gamble – and that makes things more exciting.  I have earned the Sun Flecked Achievement and the Dappled Achievement from one nest of dragon eggs.  All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

Usually, when I try for one of the breeding achievements in Flight Rising, I select one dragon that has the gene, and hope for the best.  This time, I decided to see what would happen if I picked parent dragons that each had one of the “special” genes that I had not earned an achievement from yet.  It worked out well!

Both of these dragons were ones I purchased from the Auction House.  I bought Sassafras as a baby because I didn’t have any Mirror dragons at the time (and he looked adorable).  I bought Naranja as an adult because I didn’t have any female Spiral dragons at the time and was wanting a very orange dragon. (Naranja means “Orange” in Spanish.)

Sassafras is a male Mirror.
Primary: Fire Tiger
Secondary: Royal Freckle
Tertiary: Goldenrod Underbelly

Naranja is a female Spiral.
Primary: Orange Speckle
Secondary: Rust Eye Spots
Tertiary: Splash Basic

As you can see, Sassafras has the Royal Freckle Secondary gene, and Naranja has the Orange Speckle Primary gene.  My hope was that they would produce at least one baby that had at least one of those “special” genes.  I still needed to earn the achievements associated with both those genes.

They produced four adorable babies!

Look at those cute little dragons!  I got really lucky with this batch.  One had the Speckle gene and two had the Freckle gene.  The last baby in the group didn’t have either of those two genes.  I decided to keep them all.

Speckles is a male Mirror.
Primary: Fire Speckle
Secondary: Shadow Eye Spots
Tertiary: Jade Basic

From this dragon, I earned the Sun Flecked Achievement.

Sun-Flecked: Birth a hatchling that exhibits the Speckle Primary Gene. – Points: 10 – Earned: 2014-02-01

Freckles is a female Mirror.
Primary: Orange Tiger
Secondary: Carmine Freckle
Tertiary: Denim Basic

Fergus is a male Mirror.
Primary: Fire Tiger
Secondary: Grey Freckle
Tertiary: Jade Basic

I got the Dappled Achievement from one of those two dragons.  It is impossible to know which one it was from.

Dappled: Birth a hatchling that exhibits the Freckle Secondary Gene. – Points: 10 – Earned 2014-02-01

Ruckus is a male Mirror.
Primary: Orange Tiger
Secondary: Carmine Eye Spots
Tertiary: Jungle Basic

I was starting to run out of space in my Dragon Lair.  It was time to purchase more space with Treasure (the in game currency).  If you buy enough space to fit 50 dragons, you earn the Mighty Lair Achievement.

Mighty Lair: Purchase enough Dragon Lair slots to accommodate 50 dragons. – Points: 10 – Earned: 2014-02-03

A while ago, I earned one of the Treasure related achievements.  I’m certain that the amount of Treasure that I needed to acquire in order to earn the 500,000 Treasure Achievement was part of what enabled me to buy more Lair space.

500,000 Treasure: Earn a total of 500,000 treasure for your Clan. – Points: 30 – Earned: 2014-01-05


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