The Sunbeam Soldier was the holiday Familiar for the 2015 Brightshine Jubilee. This holiday celebrates the Light Flight. The only way to make a purchase of the special holiday items was with Immaculate Tablets, a currency players needed to either collect or buy from the Auction House.

The previous holiday Familiars looked like bears. This one doesn’t look like a bear at all. I think this means we are done with the bears and moving on to… acolytes? All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

This was the first holiday where I felt like I didn’t have time to collect up the amount of Immaculate Tablets I’d hoped to obtain. This is entirely my fault. Life got busy, and I chose to focus on other things (like Supreme Court rulings).

Fortunately, I managed to collect more than I needed last year, and I put the “extras” into my Hoard. This, plus a few days of collecting the Immaculate Tablets through Gathering, gave me enough to buy the Sunbeam Soldier.

Sunbeam Soldier: – Familiar – Elemental acolyte of the Lightweaver.  (Brightshine Jubilee Holiday Item 2015.)  Sell Value: 0

This was the first holiday where I decided to visit the Auction House and purchase more holiday currency. The Immaculate Tablets were selling for a range of prices.  I ended up buying some for Treasure and some for Gems. This gave me enough to buy the crown that went with this holiday.

This is Darby, one of my few dragons that came from the Light Flight.  I gave him the Sunbeam Soldier.  He is wearing the Illuminated Crown.

Illuminated Crown: – Apparel – A glorious crown awarded to dragons who have shown good leadership while visiting the Sunbeam Ruins (Brightshine Jubilee Holiday Item 2015.) – Sell Value: 0

The crowns are the new apparel for this round of the holiday festivals.  I think they look cool! These items will motivate me to gather enough holiday currency to obtain them and the holiday familiar.  In addition to the Illuminated Crown, Darby is wearing the Silver Steampunk Vest and the Silver Filigree Banner.

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