Flight Rising is a game where players control a Lair full of dragons. You can do many things with those dragons, including breed them, make them fight, and dress them in fancy outfits. It is also possible to change their genes.

I found a Tertiary Gene: Switch in a Strange Chest during the 2017 Night of the Nocturne Festival. I had never changed a dragon’s gene before, and was curious to see what this item would do.

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You are about to open Strange Chest. This action is irreversible. Do you wish to continue?

Of course, I wanted to continue! It gave me four items, all of which were interesting. The one I want to focus on in this blog is the Tertiary Gene: Smirch item.

Tertiary Gene: Smirch: – Speciality Item – A scroll that will change the tertiary gene of one dragon to Smirch. This item can only be used once and will disappear after it has been applied. – Sell Value: 0

You are about to apply Tertiary Gene: Smirch to one of your dragons. Click a dragon from your lair below to preview how the item will affect them. When you have decided which dragon will receive the change, click Apply Changes.

After trying out the Tertiary Gene: Smirch on a few dragons, I decided that it had the most interesting affect on Esmeralda. She is a dragon that hatched out of a Nature Egg. The screenshot above shows what she looked like before I used the Tertiary Gene: Smirch on her.

Esmerelda is a female Tundra
Primary: Avocado Basic
Secondary: Umber Basic
Tertiary: Cantaloupe Basic

This is what Esmerelda looked like after I used the Tertiary Gene: Smirch on her. Some of the changes were hidden under the apparel she was wearing. I removed the apparel so I could get a better look at what the Tertiary Gene Smirch did.

The screenshot above shows what the Tertiary Gene: Smirch can do!  It changes a dragon’s Tertiary gene and uses that color to alter how the dragon looks.

Esmerelda is a female Tundra.
Primary: Avocado Basic
Secondary: Umber Basic
Tertiary: Cantaloupe Smirch

Esmerelda had some baby dragons before she got the Tertiary Gene: Smirch. So, those babies don’t have the fancy coloring that their mother now has. I think that if I breed her again, there’s a chance that some of the babies might inherit the Tertiary Gene: Smirch.


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