Flight Rising has started doing some really fun, interactive, forum posts for players to participate in.  They are doing theme weeks in the “Dragon Share” Forum.  Share your dragons that fit the theme of the week by posting their images into the Forum.

This week (the second theme week in Flight Rising) is Familiars. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising

There seem to be a lot of players who try and give their dragons a Familiar that “matches” the dragon. Typically, they try and match the colors, but some people will choose a Familiar that they feel matches up with one of their dragon’s personalities.  As for me, I mostly wait until I have a new Familiar appear out of a chest, and then I randomly assign it to a dragon that doesn’t have a Familiar yet.

Here are my dragons (and their Familiars) that I shared.  I highly recommend that you check out the Forum post to see what everyone else shared.  Flight Rising has some spectacular art!

Cocoa and his Ragamouse

Few and her Wildwood Owl

Shen and his Shadow Serpent

Viktoria and her Ice Sprite

I forgot to add this next pair into the forum post!

Sunburst and her Ember Mouse

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