Flight Rising has some fun Theme Weeks for players to participate in.  I try and add to them when I have dragons that fit the theme.  It is easy to do.  Go to the Dragon Share Forums and look at the most recent post.  The current theme of the week will be on top.

As far as I can tell, the Theme Week posts disappear once the week is over.  I’m glad that I decided to make blogs about my contributions to them.   The theme for this week was “Pastel Dragons”.  We were limited to at maximum of three.  All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

I don’t have very many pastel dragons in my Dragon Lair, so I only shared two. The limit was three, so I guess that works out.

Legend is a male Tundra.
Primary: Ice Basic
Secondary: Ice Basic
Tertiary: Mulberry Basic

Shiny is a female Fae.
Primary: Coal Iridescent
Secondary: Lavender Shimmer
Tertiary: Emerald Basic

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