Flight Rising is a game where you manage a Lair full of dragons. Many players like to show off their favorite dragons. One great way to do that is to participate in a Theme Week.

So far, Flight Rising has come up with some really fun themes for players to participate in. Visit the Dragon Share Forum to find out the current theme of the week.

The topic for Theme Week 7 is: Spring. The directions say “Share your top three Spring dragons”. Players can decide for themselves which of their dragons best fit that theme. I have participated in the Dragon Share Forum for this theme, and also wanted to post my Spring dragons here. All of the artwork you see in this post are copyright of Flight Rising.

The way I see it, there are two ways to go with the Spring theme.  You either select dragons that have colors that resemble flowers, or you pick dragons that have colors that are similar to the fresh, green, plants that are popping up after the snow melts.

As a severely allergic person (who is suffering through a week of extremely high pollen counts at the time I posted this blog) there were no dragons in my Lair that reminded me of flowers.  I’m just not a fan of flowers.  I did, however, have three dragons that reminded me of the fresh green of Spring.

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