My two “starter dragons” produced three babies that no one seemed to want.  What to do?  I didn’t feel like keeping them because they have limited breeding potential in my dragon’s lair. They have too many relatives here, and you cannot breed dragons that are closely related.

Eventually, with a great deal of effort, my dragons sold on the Auction House. They finally sold! All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

Here is what the three, pretty, purple dragons looked like as hatchlings:

I listed out each of their genes in a previous blog. They needed a new home. First, I went to the “Dragons for Sale” Forum and made a post about them.

Nobody responded. I “bumped” up the post a few times, but that didn’t help. Any new post quickly gets buried underneath newer posts. Next, I tried the “Dragons for Trade” Forum. There is still a large post called “Ugly Baby Swap Station”.

Last time I was in there, I managed to trade one of my new, unwanted, baby dragons for one of someone else’s unwanted baby dragons. It helps if you look around for a dragon you like and then ping the dragon’s owner (by making a post with an @ in front of that person’s name). Sadly, the person I contacted wasn’t interested in any of my three new babies.

So, they went on the Auction House. I set the price at 8000 for each one. Nobody bought them. Trying again, I lowered the price to 6500. No one bought them. How about 5500? Nope, still no buyers. Frustrated, I made one last attempt, and set the price at 4000.

They sold! I think part of the reason was because the price was low. The other reason was that the babies turned into adults while they were in the Auction House. So, the price was really low. The lesson I learned from this is that if you keep putting a dragon into the Auction House, eventually, someone will purchase it.

The male Guardian was given the name Vincas. He was immediately exalted (and not by my Shadow Flight).

The other two were purchased by the same person. That person has lots and lots of dragons in their lair. Neither dragon has been given a name yet. You cannot exalt a dragon that is unnamed. My best guess is that this person probably will end up keeping at least one, if not both, of the dragons.

Here is what the female Fae looks like as an adult:

Here’s what the unnamed female Guardian looks like as an adult:

In my next Flight Rising blog, I will do an update about the rest of the stuff that my dragons have been up to. I have a couple nesting on three eggs right now. Some of my dragons changed into their adult forms. I’m still working on leveling all my dragons. There is also a new dragon in my lair that I purchased from the Auction House as a mate for a dragon who lacked one.

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