One of the fun things to do in Flight Rising is to give your dragons a “pet”.  You can attach one Familiar to each dragon in your Lair.  Many players find it fun to match up their dragons with Familiars that have the same color palette that they do.

That is not something I do.  Whenever I get a new Familiar, I give it to a dragon that doesn’t have one.  Click on all the Familiars once a day to earn some Treasure (and sometimes a chest of loot).  I recently earned the Totally Not a Hoarder Achievement.  This blog includes all the Familiars I earned since the Getting a Little Cramped Achievement.  All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

The Totally Not a Hoarder Achievement is one that you cannot earn until after you have the Getting a Little Cramped Achievement.  The reason is that the “Cramped” Achievement is earned by obtaining 25 different kinds of Familiars.

The “Hoarder” Achievement is earned after you have obtained 50 different kinds of Achievements.  I’ve already posted a blog that showed the Familiars that earned me the Getting a Little Cramped Achievement.  If you like, you can go back and check out my first 25 Familiars.

This blog features the next 25 Familiars that caused me to earn the Totally Not a Hoarder Achievement (as well as an additional two Familiars that I obtained later).  They are posted in no particular order.

Totally Not a Hoarder: – Collect 50 Familiars in your Bestiary. – Points: 20 – Earned: 2014-05-19

The purple one is a Shadow Sprite. The green one is a Wind Sprite.

Ruby Webwing, Parasitic Fungus, Ancient Fungus, Sunspot Clouddancer,Water Sprite

Smokey Bantam Fangar, Shale Thresher, Storm Seeker, Ember Mouse, Poisonous Toridae

Fungalhoof Qiriq, Bramble Guardian, River Muck, Shellion, Basilisk

Glossy Duskrat, Carmine Serthis, Longneck Mender, Dappled Seal, Runic Bat

Cockatrice, Hoarfrost Mauler, Emerald Cave Jewel, Marbled Jester, Irradiated Astronomer

There are no more Achievements associated with the number of Familiars that a player collects.   However, it is entirely possible for a player to collect more than 50 Familiars.  The Flight Rising game has a Bestiary that will show players exactly what Familiars they have (and which ones they still need to collect).  I think I will post individual blogs about whatever interesting Familiars I find from now on.

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