I heard that the Forsaken starting zone was going to change after Cataclysm. That was a good enough excuse for me to roll a brand new little Forsaken and check out the current starting zone for that race.

I didn’t have a Warlock yet, and that seemed like a fun class for a Forsaken character to be. Vivisade got her name from the random name generation. The screenshots in this blog were taken on September 5, 2010.

You start in a crypt, looking at this Undertaker Mordo.

Talk to him for your first quest.

Go upstairs, and leave the crypt.

Now entering Deathknell.

Here’s the chapel you need to find.

Shadow Priest Sarvis is inside.

He has you kill wretched ghouls…

…and mindless zombies.

Nom nom nom…zombies taste good!

Return to Shadow Priest Sarvis to turn in the finished quest.

There stands Shadow Priest Sarvis.

Now, he has another quest for you.

He gives you a Tainted Scroll.

An awful predicament to find ourselves in, isn’t it, Vivisade? Plagued by the Foul Prince. Ostricized and spurned by our own loved ones. We finally have our own will thanks to the beautiful Sylvanas. But what does that afford us now? Slaves to a different master is still a slave or so I say.

But what if we were the masters? Yes, you know what I mean, don’t you?

We are even more separated from the rest of the Forsaken, Vivisade. And that is why we must speak further. Find me in the church in Deathknell.

You are supposed to give the scroll to your trainer. My Undead is a Warlock. So, the scroll went to the Warlock Trainer.

Not sure why Shadow Priest Sarvis needs me to give it to him, since they are right next to each other, but….

…whatever. Turn in the scroll to complete the quest.

Maximillion: I bid your welcome, sister. I knew you would come. It was only a matter of time.

What I said interested you, didn’t it? I hit a chord…something inside you knew what I claimed was truth. Good.

Know this, though: I am no traitor to Sylvanas. If anything she would appreciate my claims considering it was her own beliefs that has put the Forsaken in the position it is now.

Oh, and in case you didn’t figure it out… you get a reminder that this is the trainer you need to return to for more Warlock training.

Maximillion: I mentioned a slave still being a slave, no matter the master. Do you remember? We both know that it is that type of control — that type of power– that now drives us. We seek to have creatures serve us. We know we are more powerful and deserve more respect than others give us… and so now we look to take it.

I will be your ally in this struggle — the struggle for our own freedom. Freedom to seek our own allegiances. When you feel ready, return to me and I will teach you all I know.

Oh, look! Shadow Priest Sarvis has another quest. So does Novice Elreth.

Shadow Priest Sarvis gives you a new quest.

Go kill some Rattlecage Skeletons.

The look really cool if you set them on fire.

Somewhere along the way, I picked up different clothing.

After killing off the right amount of skeletons, go back to Shadow Priest Sarvis.

He tells you that he is finished with you.

Shadow Priest Sarvis: I am finished with you, Vivisade – you have shown yourself to be worthy of the freedom that you have been given. Many will stand against you for what you have become, but know that no matter what they may try to do against us, we are free and will not be shackled again.

Take these and be on your way. You have much to accomplish, warlock.

Ding! Level 3!

Next, Novice Elreth has a quest for you.

She needs wings and paws.

Off you go, out of the town gates.

You need to kill Scavengers in order to get the paws.

And you need to kill Duskbats in order to get the wings.

Go back to Novice Elreth when you have all the wings and paws.

She will have another quest for you.

The quest is called “Marla’s Last Wish”.

Novice Elreth: My friend Marla Fipps lived with her husband Samuel before the plague, but when the plague came Samuel succumbed and joined the Scourge’s ranks.

Marla was spared an undeath only to die at the hands of her now mindless husband. So strong was her love, however, that her last dying wish was to be buried with her beloved Samuel.

Samuel Fipps roams at a ruined camp along the road northeast of Deathknell. Defeat him and grant Marla’s wish: bury him at her grave, in the first row of our graveyard.

Go find this camp. It’s not too far out of town.

You need to find Samuel Fipps…and kill him.

And, don’t forget to cannibalize the body… for extra energy.

Make sure you collected Samuel Fipp’s remains, and go back.

But, don’t go back to Novice Elreth!

Instead, go to the nearby graveyard.

Bury Samuel’s Remains in the sparkly dirt. This is Marla’s grave.

Then go back to Novice Elreth and turn in the quest.

Ding! Level 4!

Novice Elreth is done with you, so go across the road.

Talk to Executor Arren, who has a quest for you.

Go kill some little spiders…

…and then go find this mine…

…where the bigger spiders are at.

When you kill the right amount, go back to Executor Arren.

He gives you a quest to kill Scarlet Crusaders. Yay!

Executor Arren: You’ll be happy to know we appear to be making progress in the mine, thanks in no small part to your efforts. We can now turn our eyes to other concerns.

My scouts have reported that a detachment of the Scarlet Crusade is setting up a camp southeast of here. The Scarlet Crusade is a despicable organization that hunts us, and they will not rest until every undead –Lich King’s Scourge or no– is destroyed. We must strike first!

Be careful, their unholy zeal makes them dangerous adversaries.

They are all hanging out at this nearby camp.

So, go get ’em! (And, if you’re a warlock, set ’em on fire!)

Ding! Level 5!

Ok, so you just turned in your quest to Executor Arren.

He gives you the quest “The Red Messenger”. You need to go kill “The Messenger”. His name is Melven Korgal.

And, as you can see, he is hanging out at the same camp you went to when you had the quest to go kill the Scarlet Crusaders.

So, you kill Melven Korgal, (and cannibalize him for your health).

From “The Messenger” you get Scarlet Crusade Documents.

Scarlet Crusade Documents 1: Disperse information as you deem necessary.

Tirsfal Regional Command

Captain Melrache

Captain Vachon

Captain Perrine

Directives by the order of the Highlord.

Captain Perrine, further fortify your position at the southwest tower (as designated). Additional supplies will be dispatched at a later date. In the meantime, material should be obtainable from the surrounding farms. Also, further reconnaissance and information. 

Scarlet Crusade Documents 2: Should be gathered about the organization of the undead in Brill.

Captain Vachon, there appears to be increased movement by the undead near the northern tower. This insurgence must be quickly and decisively dealt with.

Captain Melarche, there are concerns about the level of organization of the undead near the borders of the Plaguelands. A fresh group of men will be dispatched to your position in the coming weeks.

Glory under the Light.

Executor Arren wants the Scarlet Crusade Documents.

The next quest from Executor Arren sends you to Brill.

This quest will end your starting zone experience.

But, before you head off to Brill, walk across the road.

Deathguard Saltain gives you the Scavenging Deathknell quest.

Deathguard Saltrain: You there! If you’re looking for something to make yourself useful, then listen up!

We need fresh out-of-the-ground recruits to head into Deathknell and search for any sort of useful equipment. Most likely, they’ll be in stacks of boxes. We expect more recruits to be rising soon, and unless we want them to stumble about naked we had better get to scavenging!

Well get to work, you miserable bag of bones! I’m not going to reward those without some hustle.

Go find some sparkly boxes. Look inside and outside nearby buildings.

When you get enough, go back to Deathguard Saltain and turn in the quest.

Now, you are ready to head off to Brill, to turn in that other quest. You have now completed the Starting Zone for the Undead.

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