A disembodied hand who is wearing a metallic glove, walks on its fingertips towards you. It is named Friendly Gauntlet.

This is Friendly Gauntlet. I got it from a Menagerist Goblin – possibly during Season 6 of Diablo III. This pet picks up gold for the player. I was playing a Witch Doctor, with a ton of pets that will attack enemies for me. It’s possible the corpse of the Menagerist Goblin got lost in the mob.

The flavor text for Friendly Gauntlet says: The tic-tic-tic of little metal fingers accompanies you on your journeys.

Imagine the sounds of this little, armored, disembodied hand, as it follows you around. The pet, like all pets, collects gold for the player. I think there are only two classes who would be especially interested in Friendly Gauntlet – the Witch Doctor and the Necromancer. Or, at the very least, neither of them would be creeped out about it.

Diablo Wiki says Friendly Gauntlet is a possible reference to Thing from The Addams Family. Or, it could be a reference to the Wallmasters from Legend of Zelda.

Kill a Menagerist Goblin, and it will drop a pet for you. The pet appears in your bag and looks like a Legendary item.

A box says "Friendly Gauntlet" at the top. A small image of this small, armored, pet is in the larger part of the box. The gauntlet is red with gold accents.

Friendly Gauntlet: This severed hand looks suspiciously alive.

The Mystic and the Templar look on in horror as the Witch Doctor brings all of his combat pets along with him to retrieve the Friendly Gauntlet from the Mystic's mirror.

If you would like to equip the new pet that the Menagerist Goblin dropped, you must go back to town and visit the Mystic. Head for the mirror and click on it – and all of your existing pets will be revealed.

My Witch Doctor did exactly that, and brought along several of his grotesque combat pets with him. The Templar and the Mystic appear to be absolutely horrified!

A Witch Doctor is wearing a skull for a helmet, and carries two skulls on a rope in one hand. His other had holds a large spear. He is wearing a banner called Samheim that has a shroud and what looks like a rib cage and spine. The banner has a demon skull on it. The Friendly Gauntlet is near the Witch Doctor's foot.

Friendly Gauntlet is a small pet. Witch Doctor for size.


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