Now that I have figured out how to take screenshots of Diablo III, (and where they go to on my computer once I take them), I want to use them for something. So, here they are.

When I started playing today, it was on my Barbarian, Zeta, who was at level 27. She is somewhere in Act III of Normal mode.

Keep It Safe: Explore the following areas of Bastion’s Keep:

The Keep Depths Level 1, The Keep Depths Level 2, The Keep Depths Level 3, The Breach, The Larder

There’s Ghom, waiting for me (and the Enchantress).

Here we go!

The Ravening Beast: Beat Ghom on Normal difficulty. This took 2 tries.


Boom! Leah still hasn’t gained control over her powers.

A little bit of foreshadowing, maybe?

Adria: I wish Leah could have the life I never had.  But in truth, I fear she’ll be damned as well.

Bewitched: Listen to all of Adria’s conversations.

Cinematic (or whatever this is called) with the cool drawings

Zeta is now level 28!

Blood Ties: Complete the Blood Ties event.

Triage: Complete the Triage event.

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