This is Galthrak the Unhinged. I got this pet from a Menagerist Goblin in between Season 11 and Season 12.

The flavor text on Galthrak the Unhinged says: From the time he was a broodling, all he wanted was to be a Rift Guardian. He studied for many years, but was ultimately found wanting. Take him on a rift with you, and he’ll be happy.

My Barbarian is chasing a Menagerist Goblin. It is the only type of goblin that has the potential to drop a pet.

When a Menagerist Goblin drops a pet, it will look like a Legendary item. This one was named Galthrak the Unhinged.

This particular Menagerist Goblin opened a portal to The Vault. Not all of them do that! So, I picked up Galthrak and jumped into The Vault to collect gold and gems.

The Galthrak The Unhinged item says: A tiny, strange being.

Here is Galthrak the Unhinged following my Barbarian around.

Here’s another view of Galthrak following my Barbarian.

Galthrak the Unhinged has plenty of teeth. I suppose it is possible that this “tiny, strange being” could be smiling at the idea of accompanying your character into a Rift.

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