Gardens of Time has done many of the “10 Days of Gifting” projects. You receive an unfinished building (of some sort) and have to place it in your garden. I just finished building the Hay Ride.

As always, these types of builds have a time limit. You receive an unfinished building (of some sort). You must place it into your garden. After that, you pretty much have to hope that your friends will send you the required amount of whatever item is specific to the current build each day for ten days. Didn’t get enough of something? You are stuck spending gold to get it.

Here is the quest that started the Hay Ride “10 Days of Gifting”:

Gold is the premium currency in Gardens of Time. There are ways to win some. The other option is to spend real world money to obtain it. Every time I do a “10 Days of Gifting” I worry that I won’t be able to finish it. (I cannot afford to spend real world money on virtual items at the moment).

Here is how the unfinished Hay Ride started out.  I hoped to be able to complete it.

This time, we had to gather a different type of corn every day. Not every day required the same amount of corn. Here’s what the corn looked like:

The completed Hay Ride “10 Days of Gifting” build looks like this:

I think I like it! Normally, “in real life” I wouldn’t be too enthused about a corn field. I went to a University that was surrounded by corn, and it didn’t really help my allergies. Even so, I like the look of the Hay Ride in Gardens of Time. It doesn’t move, or do anything, though. It just looks festive for Autumn.

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