It looks like Gardens of Time is going to continue doing periodic “Days of Gifting”. The most recent one involved a Staircase Garden. It worked the same way as the previous “Days of Gifting” items did. Playdom gives you a new item to put in your garden. The item is unfinished. To complete it, you must collect up a certain number of a particular item each day until the days are over.

Ideally, you will have enough friends send you the thing you need each day. Once a day is over, the only way to obtain more of an item you didn’t get enough of is to buy it with gold. This makes the “Days of Gifting” items a bit more of a challenge than a regular items are.

The Staircase Garden started out looking like this:

This particular item did not excite me. Allergy season had started, and the last thing I wanted to think about was a hill filled with flowers (even if they were only virtual ones). Usually, these “gifting” items give you lots of reputation points when they are completed (and you need rep points to progress in the game). So, I put it in my garden and let it sit there. I didn’t put much effort at all into completing it.

This time, we had to collect up a certain amount of roses daily. There was a different color assigned to each day. The first day started off with a black rose, just like the Garden Willow “gifting” item started with a black lovebird.

I can’t remember the exact order of the colors of the roses, except for the first one. So, here’s the whole collection in random order:

I managed to complete it despite not putting much effort into it. All I did was look in my inbox, see which players sent me a rose, and send one back to them. If you complete the Staircase Garden, it looks like this:

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