We posted this cockatiel biography on our Click-a-Tiel Tumblr when it had hit another 100 followers. Shawn wrote Gordo’s bio, because Gordo was his bird.

We’ve promised a special bird profile post for every 100 followers, so it’s time for a new one.

Here’s a picture of Gordo taken not long after I brought him home in 2001. He was my first cockatiel. I got him from a local pet store and actually, I had picked out another bird first. But the store had some health concerns about my first bird so when I came in again, they said I should pick another.

The woman who bred the store’s current flock of babies recommended Gordo because she could tell he would be somewhat unique, and she was right. Gordo had all white feathers but he wasn’t albino. Also, he grew to be pretty big for a cockatiel.

Gordo got to do one very special and brave thing in his life. He went into the vet with another of our birds, Little One, when she was scheduled for surgery. Gordo was there to provide blood, in case Little One needed a transfusion. Unfortunately, he got injured during the procedure but he did make a full recovery (as did Little One).

He loved eating, taking naps, and taking baths. Sadly, Gordo passed away in 2013 but his memory lives on with this blog.

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