This is part of the series of blogs I am putting together about my experience in Season 1 of Diablo III.  This particular blog focuses on Gurr the Barbarian’s adventure through Act IV of Story Mode (Normal difficulty).  It will show the Legendaries he found, the monsters he fought, and the Levels he gained.

An upcoming blog will focus on the Achievements Gurr the Barabrian got during this trip through Act IV.  My main goals for Season 1 were to hit Level 70 and to complete the entire content in Story Mode.  I also wanted to get as many achievements as possible.  The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on September 6, 2014.

I’m including this lovely map of Act IV in here because I don’t think I’ve ever taken a look at it before.  Gurr the Barbarian, my Seasonal character, is the first to go through the Story Mode in Diablo III since the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expansion was released.  I like the style of art they used for the maps.  It reminds me of the artwork in The Book of Cain.

The first Legendary that Gurr got in Act IV dropped in the Blessed Chancel.  Blind Faith is a creepy looking Legendary Helm (that reminds me of Pinhead).  The flavor text  says: Do not trust your eyes; they can deceive you.

Primary: +236 Strength, +236 Vitality, +528 Life per Hit
Secondary: +35 Fire Resistance, 30.1% Chance to Bind on Hit
This item had one empty socket.

This helm was an upgrade for Gurr the Barbarian, so I equipped it.  I had not unlocked the Mystic yet, so I couldn’t transmog it into something less… icky.

Killing Diablo turned out to be rather lucrative.  Two Legendaries dropped.  The first one was called Chaingmail.  I figure this one was named after Wyatt Cheng.  The flavor text on this item says: The magical properties of a piece of armor such as this intrigue the mind.  It was constructed from the finest parts of many different armors that were worn by many different heroes.  

Primary: +150% Strength, +150% Vitality, +18 Resistance to All Elements
Secondary: +14% Extra Gold from Monsters, After earning a survival bonus, quickly heal to full life
This chest armor has two empty sockets.

I used this chest armor until Gurr completely outgrew it.  I’ve no idea if this item exists in the non-season Diablo III or not.  It is the first time I’ve had one.  It worked really well for my Barbarian for (what felt like) a long time.

The other Legendary item that dropped after I killed Diablo was Razor Strop.  The flavor text says: Encompassing both form and function, this belt keeps your pants up and your blades sharp.

Primary: +140 Strength, +143 Vitality, Regenerates 243 Life per Second, Increases Cleave Damage 10% (Barbarian Only).
Secondary: Increases Gold and Health Pickup by 1 Yards, Picking up a Health Globe releases an explosion that deals 348% weapon damage as Fire to enemies within 20 yards.

A Little Bit of Leveling

Act IV held many gold monsters.

There were also plenty of monsters with purple names to fight with.

I thought that this screenshot of Gurr the Barbarian and Sledge the Massive Mauler turned out rather well.  Did you know that thing had a face?  I didn’t.

Gurr the Barbarian zoomed through Act IV in Story Mode (Normal difficulty)!  This concludes his progress there.  The next blog will focus on all of the achievements that I earned in Act IV in Season 1.

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