This is Haunting Hannah. I got her from a Menagerist Goblin during Season 11. The flavor text for this pet says: “If you think death will be our parting, you have another thing coming.” – Hannah

I try my best to chase, and kill, every goblin in the game. Each kind of goblin drops a different type of loot. The Menagerist Goblin – Napper of Pets –  are the only ones that will drop pets.

There goes Qiwoot, my Season 11 hard core Monk, chasing after the Menagerist Goblin. He caught him!

Killing the Menagerist Goblin causes him to drop loot.  As you can see, he dropped an item called “Haunting Hannah”, which I had never heard of before.

Here is a closer look at the Haunting Hannah item. The flavor text says: This looks like an old bed sheet, but it moves, even when there is no breeze.

Haunting Hannah: “If you think death will be our parting, you have another thing coming.”  It makes me wonder what her backstory is. There isn’t anything in game that specifically gives information about that.

The phrase “If you think death will be our parting” sounds very similar to “until death do us part” – a phrase used in marriage ceremonies. To me, the flavor text suggests that Hannah made that statement to her spouse – who apparently had murdered her. Clearly, it was a dysfunctional relationship.

Haunting Hannah comes back in the form we see her in. She likely died in a bed that had sheets similar to the ones that now make up part of her ghostly form. We don’t know what happened to Hannah’s murderous spouse – other than he isn’t with her anymore.  (NOTE: This little story is not officially from Blizzard. It is something I made up based on the few things we know about Haunting Hannah.)

Haunting Hannah floats along behind your character. She’s almost graceful – for a half-formed ghost that resembles “an old bed sheet”. Like many other pets, Haunting Hannah will automatically float around and pick up gold for the player.

Here is a good look at the Haunting Hannah pet. Parts of her look solid, and other parts are almost transparent.  She moves as though a light breeze is blowing through her.

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