The Heroes of the Storm card back is fairly easy to get.  The thing Hearthstone players need to be aware of is that you cannot obtain this card simply by playing Hearthstone.  Instead, you need to play Blizzard’s newly launched game Heroes of the Storm.

The Heroes of the Storm game is free-to-play.  You can download it now for free and start playing immediately.  Your goal (if you want to earn the Heroes of the Storm card back) is to get to Player Level 12.  Keep going, and you will get there, eventually.

I’m not sure how long Blizzard will make this reward available.  If you are someone who loves collecting Hearthstone card backs, or if you happen to think this particular one is cool enough to go after, I recommend you start working on that as soon as possible.

This is not the first time that Blizzard has required players to earn a reward for one game by playing an entirely different game.  It probably won’t be the last, either.  If you happen to play most (or all) of Blizzard’s games, this system will work out well for you.  Just keep doing what you already do, and rewards will sometimes be offered.

It is my understanding that these types of rewards are intended to encourage players to give a newly released Blizzard game a try. Each of their games is different from the others. I think that most of the people who play Blizzard’s games have one that is their favorite. They might dabble in some of the other games, but their primary focus is the game they prefer. There are probably some players who only play one Blizzard game and have no interest in any of the rest. These cross-game rewards could entice players to try a new game (even if they weren’t planning on doing so).

The first thing a Hearthstone player needs to do in order to obtain the Heroes of the Storm card back is to download the Heroes of the Storm game. Start playing. It doesn’t matter which Hero you use, which battleground you get into, or if you chose to play against the A.I. or against real players. Pick whatever works for you. Keep playing until you get to Player Level 12.

If you have never played Heroes of the Storm before, you might be unaware that there are two different types of levels.  One is the Player Level.  It indicates how many experience points you have earned as a player.  The other is the Level that one of your Heroes has obtained.  This one is dependent upon how many experience points you earned while playing that particular Hero.

Here’s an example.  The purple circle shows that I have hit Player Level 12.  The blue circle shows that I’ve gotten Raynor to Level 6.  If your goal is to earn the Heroes of the Storm card back, the only number that matters is the one in the purple circle – your Player Level.

After you hit Player Level 12, it might take a little while before the game realizes it.  The next time you log into Heroes of the Storm, there should be something that makes it clear you have earned the Heroes of the Storm card back.  Look in the top right hand corner.  There should be something to click on.

As far as I can tell, you need to click on the “Sweet!” button in order to “unlock” the Heroes of the Storm card back.  Do this before you go back to playing Hearthstone.  Shortly after you log into Hearthstone, the game should make it clear that you have unlocked the Hero of the Storm card back.

The Achievement is called “Hero of the Storm”.  The card back is called Heroes of the Storm.  The little shapes in the center of the card rotate around the Hearthstone.  Personally, I think this card back looks awesome!

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