Kobolds & Catacombs is a Hearthstone solo player expansion.  When the expansion was launched, it offered players the opportunity to do a Dungeon Run.  Players started with a quest called Begin a Dungeon Run.

After players completed the first quest, a new one appeared.  To complete it, players needed to “Defeat 5 Dungeon Run Bosses.”

I picked up the “Defeat 5 Dungeon Run Bosses” quest right after completing the “Begin a Dungeon Run” quest.  I used my Rogue deck and defeated one Dungeon Run boss.  The game allowed me to choose a Treasure.  (The Treasure, and other card choices, are limited to the Dungeon Run.  Players don’t get to keep them.)

Kobold: Oh OHHH big treasure! You is picking one, only one. Make good picking.


Bosses Defeated as Rogue – 1

The screenshot above shows an example of what kinds of Treasures players might be offered to pick from. My favorite is the Mysterious Tome because it was fun to see what random secrets would appear, and what each one would do.

Mysterious Tome: Passive At the start of the game, play 3 random Secrets.

Kobold: Cards you are picking now, cards for being in your Dungeon Deck.

Players got to choose from three sets of cards.  Whichever one you picked went straight into your Dungeon Deck.  Players (and bosses) started with low health points and a very limited number of cards.  Both increased with each new match.  Picking from three sets of cards was the mechanism by which Hearthstone enabled players to build up their Dungeon Deck.


Frostfur: These furbolg warrens feel unnaturally cold…

Frostfur was the next boss that appeared.  The bosses were (somewhat) random.  Frostfur starts out with 15 health points, and my Dungeon Deck started out with 20 health points.  At the top of screenshot above, it says “Challenge 2/8”.  This means I’ve beaten one Dungeon Run boss with my Rogue Deck. (That would be the boss I defeated for the first quest.)

Kobold: One dungeon run is to be fighting eight monsters! One for each finger.


Maiev Shadowsong vs Frostfur

Frostfur: I told you kobolds to – oh – what have we here?

Kobold: As you be getting stronger, monsters be getting stronger.

Kobold: Pecuniary elasticity is important part of kobold empire mixed-market economic doctrine.

Frostfur has a sparkly blue Hero power called Freeze.  “Freeze a minion.”


Maiev Shadowsong defeated Frostfur


The quest I was working on required me to Defeat 5 Dungeon Run Bosses.  I had now defeated 1 out 5 bosses.  It turns out the boss I beat to complete the previous quest did not count for this new quest.

Kobold: Be winning more fights, be taking more loots! Is kobold way!

I don’t remember which set of loot I picked.  The reason I put this screenshot in here is to point out that every time a player beats a boss, they get to pick a set of three cards.  Those cards get added to their Dungeon Run deck.  Players don’t get to keep the loot after the Dungeon Run ends.

The second boss in this Dungeon Run was Seriona: A twilight dragon bent on draining your minions.  Seriona starts the match with 20 Health Points.  My Rogue deck starts the match with 25 Health Points.

The screenshot above says that I have defeated 2 Bosses as a Rogue. One of them was Frostfur, and the other was the boss I defeated to complete the first Dungeon Run quest.  That number is the total of all bosses killed with a specific deck.

Kobold: Stupid Twilight Dragon be making kobolds weak! Er, weaker!


Maiev Shadowsong vs Seriona


Seriona: I sense great power. Come closer…


Seriona: Feeeed…!

Seriona’s Hero Power is called Fading Light.  It gives a minion -1 Attack.  This is what the Kobold was referring to when he said that Seriona makes Kobolds weaker.  Every time she uses her Hero Power, one of my minions got a little bit less effective at attacking.

Maiev Shadowsong defeated Seriona


I have now defeated 2 out of 5 bosses.

Blackseed:  This furbolg’s dark magic twists the other dungeonfolk.

The next boss is Blackseed.  He starts with 30 Health Points – and so does my Rogue deck.  At the top of the screenshot, it says “Challenge 4/8”.  It also says that I defeated a total of 3 bosses with my Rogue deck.

Maiev Shadowsong vs Blackseed

Blackseed: Something wicked burrows here… 

Blackseed: You do not see the shadows…but they see you.

Blackseed’s Hero Power is called Evolvomancy: Transform a minion into a random one that costs (1) more.

Blackseed: Who is the monster here?

Blackseed: There is another, far below…


I have now defeated 3 out of 5 bosses.

The next boss was Fungalmancer Flurgl.  He starts with 40 Health Points, and my Rogue deck starts with 35 points.

Maiev Shadowsong vs Fungalmancer Flurgl

Fungalmancer Flurgl makes noises that sound like Murlocs do.

It turned out that Fungalmaster Flurgl has a Murloc deck.

Fungalmaster Flurgl’s Hero Power is Fungal Infection: Give your minions +1 / +1.

Maiev Shadowsong was defeated by Fungalmaster Flurgl.

Kobold: Is okay. Better to be dying young than to never be dying at all.

This ends my Dungeon Run with my Rogue deck.  I defeated 4/8 bosses total.

I needed to defeat 5 bosses in order to complete the quest.  Instead of giving up, I gave the quest a try with my Mage deck.

Jaina Proudmore vs Wee Whelp


Wee Whelp: Feeding time?

Wee Whelp’s Hero Power is Baby Breath: Deal 2 damage.


I have now defeated 4 out of 5 bosses.

The next boss was Pathmaker Hamm:  There’s more than one way for a kobold to dig a tunnel.

Kobold: Hamm be bestest tunnel-digger. “Dig” is euphemism.

Jaina Proudmore vs Pathmaker Hamm

Pathmaker Hamm: Demolition time!

Pathmaker Hamm: Hahaha.

Pathmaker Hamm’s Hero Power is Unstable Explosion: Deal 1 damage to two random enemies.

Pathmaker Hamm: Boom baby. BOOM!

Jaina Proudmore defeated Pathmaker Hamm.


Defeat 5 Dungeon Run Bosses – and you will a Kobolds & Catacombs card pack.

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