Lunara is an alternate hero for the Druid class in Hearthstone. Players can earn this hero by completing a quest that appears where the Hearthstone Daily Quests are.

The Hearthstone Wiki says that Lunara is the first alternate hero for the Druid class.

Lunara: Win 10 games in Standard Play mode.

To earn the Lunara alternate hero, players needed to win a total of 10 games in Standard Play mode. This quest can be earned in either Casual play or Ranked play. The quest must be completed during Hearthstone’s Year of the Raven.

I took this screenshot when I was halfway done with the Lunara quest. It keeps track of how many wins you have. I’m pretty sure that those five wins came from Ranked play when I was working on earning the July 2018 card back.

The Hearthstone blog about The Year of the Raven describes Lunara this way:

Lunara is the eldest daughter of the Demi-god Cenarius. While her sisters, the dryads, embody peace and the serene beauty of nature, Lunara’s apple didn’t fall far from her father’s tree – she’s a relentless defender of the wilderness and immortal proof that nature is red in claw and thorn.

To finish the Lunara quest, I got in Ranked play in August and set out to get five more wins. The five wins would not only finish the quest, but also would earn me the August 2018 card back.

Six wins – out of ten

Seven wins – out of ten

Eight wins – out of ten

Nine wins – out of ten

10 wins!

Lunara: Win 10 games in Standard Play mode.

I have earned the Lunara alternate hero.

Players who earn Lunara can find her in their Heroes collection.

Malfurion is the default hero for the Druid deck. Players who earn Lunara can choose her instead (if they want to).


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