Recently, I ventured into the Arena in Hearthstone for the very first time.  Things didn’t go well.  I lost all three matches, and that was the end of that.  The entire reason why I went into the Arena was because I had a quest appear that let me try it out for free.  I do not feel that the Arena will be a priority for me at this time.

Even when you lose in Hearthstone, you still earn some experience points.  I learned that losing all three matches in the Arena still results in receiving a prize.  One of the prizes I got was a pack of cards, which I have now opened.  These screenshots were taken on August 10, 2014.

What cards are hiding within this unopened pack? Let’s see! This was the first deck that I received as a result of playing in the Arena. I had no idea what to expect. Would it contain a Legendary card?

The Void Terror card is one that can only be used in a Warlock deck.  It says: Battlecry: Destroy the minions on either side of this minion and gain their Attack and Health.  The game put a helpful little box next to the card to make sure I was aware that it has Battlecry.  It seems to me the best way to use this card is to have it destroy ones that automatically spawn new minions when they die.

The Eviscerate card can only be used in a Rogue deck.  It says: Deal 2 damage.  Combo: Deal 4 damage instead.  I’m going to need to figure out what Combo means in Hearthstone in order to use this card most efficiently.  Dealing 2 damage, immediately after putting the card on the board, is good!

The Cold Blood card can only be used by the Rogue deck.  It says: Give a minion +2 Attack. Combo:+4 Attack instead.  This one only costs 1 mana, which makes it really easy to put on the board.  Clearly, I will need to have at least one minion one the board before I can use this card.  It has potential!

The Conceal card can only be used by a Rogue deck.  I’m getting the feeling that maybe Hearthstone is hinting that I should play my Rogue deck more often.  This card says: Give your minions Stealth until your next turn.  I like the idea of having a line of minions that suddenly go stealth, and cannot be hit by my opponent, for one turn.

The Priestess of Elune card can be used by all classes, and can go in any deck.  It says: Battlecry: Restore 4 Health to your hero.  It costs 6 mana to put this card on the board.  By then, it is entirely possible that being able to have your hero gain back 4 health could make a big difference in the game.

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