This blog is part of the series I am doing that focuses on my progress in Season 2 in Diablo III. So far, I haven’t played as much as I did during Season 1. I’m still having fun, that’s not the problem.

Instead, the difficulty I’m having is due to stuff outside the game. The pollen count has been “medium-high”, and this causes me have to take a lot of allergy medications (that make me sleepy). It sounds like a recipe for a very dead hard core Demon Hunter. Death by allergy.

So, I’m taking things slow. In this blog, I focus on Dusk the Demon Hunter’s progress through Act I Bounties (in Normal difficulty). I need one more Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievement from Act I, and then I can move him on to Act II Bounties. The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on February 24, 2015.

I ran one set of five Bounties this time around. They were: Kill the Skeleton King (Royal Crypts), Kill all the enemies in the Den of the Fallen Level 2 (The Weeping Hollow), Kill Melmak the Swift (Fields of Misery), and Cleanse the Cursed Shrine (Southern Highlands). There’s one missing because I didn’t take any screenshots of it. Whatever it was… it couldn’t have been that exciting.

My first Skeleton King kill in Season 2 resulted in the earning of three different Achievements.

The Mad King’s End: Kill the Skeleton King.

Short Reign: Kill the Skeleton King in under 20 seconds.

Third Time’s The Charm: Kill the Skeleton King in Hardcore mode.


Halfway to Level 70!

I’m still working on leveling up my Blacksmith.  He’s now at Level 10.

A Life With Meaning: Raise the Blacksmith to Level 10.

Mind on the Metal: Teach the Blacksmith a recipe.

I found the Watch Tower in the top, right hand corner, of The Southern Highlands.  It is not something I had to do to complete a Bounty.  I went in there anyway because it offers an event where the player has to help Vendel the Armorsmith.  I’d done this event before, but this was my first chance to do it in Season 2.

The player starts out in the Watch Tower Level 1.  You won’t find Vendel the Armorsmith until you reach Level 2 of the Watch Tower.   A pack of blue Returned skeletons dropped a Legendary.

Profane Pauldrons  have an amusing flavor text: The mouths of the demonic visages that adorn these pauldrons devour health globes, digesting them in order to provide additional benefits to their wearer.  Unfortunately, these selfsame mouths also whisper vile suggestions when others cannot hear.

Vendel the Armorsmith greets you at the doorway of Watch Tower Level 2.  This starts The Scavenged Scabbard event.  The player has to help Vendel the Armorsmith find his lost scabbard.

Vendel the Armorsmith: Greetings, friend.  One of those dirty scavengers stole an ancient, extremely rare scabbard from me.  I followed him in here, but then I lost him.  Perhaps you could find it for me.  

Both times I’ve done this event, the Scabbard that Vendel the Armorsmith wants is in one of those skinny hallways that makes a box shape and puts you right back into the main hallway you came from.  You have to fight Armorer’s Bane, Harrower of Filth, for the Scabbard.

The glowing shiny thing on the floor is the Scabbard that Vendel the Armorsmith is trying to recover.  The player can’t pick it up, but Vendel can (after the player slays Armorer’s Bane for him).

Vendel the Armorsmith: Many thanks to you.  I would never have seen this again without your help.  You’d like to buy something from me, yes?

This completes The Scavenged Scabbard Event.  It also marks Vendel the Armorsmith off the list of vendors you need to find for an Achievement.

Vendel the Armorsmith drops a lore book called “Scabbard of Talic the Defender”.

This scabbard is a rare treasure.  Its inscription reads, “Talic the Defender”, in archaic lettering.  He was one of the ancients who guarded Mount Arreat until the shattering of the Worldstone, a true warrior who gave his life to spare the world from the dark fate is has fallen to now.  – Vendel the Armorsmith.


That’s all the highlights from my fifth “session” of Diablo III, Season 2.  I’m starting to get tired of Bounties in Act I, but I’m not leaving this Act until I get the third Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievement.  Hopefully, the next set of Bounties will send me to The Spider Queen and I’ll be able to kill enough spiders to finally finish off that Achievement.

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