Every so often, Blizzard Entertainment makes some special in-game rewards that are intended to entice players to try more than one Blizzard game. Such is the case for the Cardback Mount in Heroes of the Storm.

The only way to earn this special mount is to play Hearthstone. The mount looks like a card back from the Hearthstone game.  If you already play Hearthstone, and have been playing it for a while, there is a good chance that you have already done what you need to earn the Cardback Mount.

The official information about the Cardback Mount on Battle.net says that the way to earn the mount is to get into Hearthstone and complete the Easy Rider Quest. The quest requires a player to obtain 100 wins in Play Mode of Hearthstone.

Easy Rider – A reward for your 100th win in Play Mode.  Log in to Heroes of the Storm to claim it!

The only way to know whether or not you have completed the Easy Rider quest is to log into Hearthstone.  If you have been playing Hearthstone for a long time, there is a very good chance that you have obtained enough wins to automatically complete the Easy Rider quest.  The reward scroll, shown above, will appear the next time you log into Hearthstone.

What if you haven’t been playing Hearthstone at all?  You have two choices.  One, you could decide not to earn the Cardback Mount.  Some people don’t like to go into other games in order to earn something special for the game they prefer.  Or, you could start playing Hearthstone in Play Mode and just keep going until you defeat 100 opponents.  I’ve no idea how long that would take because I was able to complete this quest retroactively.

It appears that you cannot complete the Easy Rider quest by defeating the Innkeeper in solo play, or by defeating opponents in Ranked Play.  Make sure you have selected Play Mode before you get into a match.

After the above reward message appears on your screen in Hearthstone, the next step is to log out of Hearthstone and into Heroes of the Storm.  The official Battle.net information says that it could take up to 24 hours for the reward to appear in Heroes of the Storm.  So, if it’s not there immediately, come back the next day and look again.

Make sure to select the Cardback Mount before you go into a battleground.  If you’ve done that correctly, it should appear at the top of the Mounts window.

Here’s what the Cardback Mount looks like in-game.  I’m using Diablo with the Kaijo Diablo skin.

The Cardback Mount floats.  It moves like a flying carpet, and makes your Hero look like he or she is surfing.

I have absolutely no idea how long this “freebie” will continue to be available.  It’s possible that it will be for a limited time (in order to connect to the Heroes of the Storm Launch).  Or, it might be the type of reward that waits around for a player to earn it – and then appears after that – no matter how long it takes.  If you really want the Cardback Mount, it would probably be a good idea to start working on it right away.

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