In my previous Diablo III blog, my Barbarian, Zeta, had just hit Level 29. She was nearly at the end of Act III in Normal Difficulty. Here are some screenshots of what she did in between then, and when she hit Level 30.

Talk to Captain Haile. This starts an event.

Let the bodies hit the floor…. let the bodies hit the floor…

The name of this event is Blaze of Glory.

Checkpoint! Shortly before this screenshot, I was joined by SwayingMango, (who is a listener of Shattered Soulstone). This made things much more fun! Thanks, again, for all the help (and the loot), SwayingMango!

Slaughter Fields Five: Explore the following areas within the Fields of Slaughter.

Edge of the Abyss, Rakkis Crossing, Fields of Slaughter, The Bridge of Korsikk, The Battlefields

Here comes a great big Siegebreaker!

Making a Breakthrough: Kill the Siegebreaker Assault Beast on Normal difficulty.

Another scene with the cool drawings

Azmodon’s head comes to taunt us again.

Vision of Azmodan: Nephalem…your misbegotten kind is creation’s greatest sin! But your time is done.  You will find only death in my realm.

Life is Beautiful:  Heal other players for 500,000 Life by picking up health globes in cooperative games.

Fighting Cydaea

Cydaea: You are so eager…I suppose I should introduce myself.

Zeta is now Level 30!

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