I was walking home from acupuncture. A person with a brown husky dog walked toward me on the opposite side of the street.

I’ve seen the dog, and the owner, many times. The Husky always strained at its leash when it saw me, from blocks away, trying to move closer to where I was.

Alas, the owner was always walking the dog down a different street than the one I was on.

This time, the owner – and the very excited brown Husky dog – were waiting for the crosswalk light to change. I was on the other corner, waiting for the same thing.

When the light changed, I decide to stop in the center of the crosswalk. I held out my hand, flat palm placed where I guessed the Husky dog’s head would soon be. Let the dog decide what it wanted to do.

The brown husky dog happily trotted over to me, owner in tow. I expected the Husky to want a head pat. Instead, the dog did a little bounce and “booped” my palm with its pink nose. It made a happy noise that sounded to me like a dog giggle. I started laughing and so did the owner of the dog.

We were in the center of a small road, and the lights were about to change. The dog seemed super happy as it continued its walk.

I got a “high-five” from a Husky!

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