“I Don’t Wanna Go to Work Tomorrow” is a song I created in 2008. The inspiration for the song was my job, which was at Barnes & Noble.

While I liked the job when I started, things changed over time. The “clopening” shifts, and the multiple times I had to work seven or eight days in a row, had finally gotten to me.

The vocals you hear in this song are mine. It is what I would sing at home when I was too exhausted to even think about having to go to work the next day.

The music is made from bits and pieces that I put together in Garageband. Shortly before writing this blog post, I put the video on YouTube.

All of the video clips in the video came from Pexels and were created by:

If you enjoyed “I Don’t Wanna Go To Work Tomorrow” you can purchase it – and two other songs – on my Bandcamp. Or, you help me find time time to create more videos of my music by supporting me Ko-fi. Thank you!

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