Easterville is an “extra” town in the Kitchen Scramble app. It appears for a limited amount of time. Players must complete it before the time runs out if they want to earn the rewards that are available in this town.

Easterville is focused on Easter. Some of the recipes include Easter Eggs, ham, and regular eggs.

Chef Crisp: Play Easterville for a limited time only! Earn special rewards, such as star tokens, power ups or boosts, and premium ingredients, by passing each Easter Bunny Gate. If you pass the final gate, you’ll earn exciting powerups and boosters!

Chef Crisp: Easterville requires Easter Eggs, not Supplies to play each level.

Chef Crisp: Friends can give you Easter Eggs as a gift, or you can purchase Easter Eggs from the store. Your Easter Eggs supply will also replenish itself, but not as quickly as your Supplies do.

Chef Crisp: Once Easterville expires, your Easter Eggs will be gone, so try to use it all up!

Chef Crisp: Time is running out…….Once Easterville expires, you can no longer earn the rewards.

Here is what Easterville looks like at the start.

Little Boy: Welcome back to Easterville. I am so glad you came again, I was missing all those sepcial Easter dieshes you made.

I have no idea what what this character in green’s name is. He doesn’t appear on the few online resources about Kitchen Scramble. So, I’m calling him “Little Boy”.

There are two typos in what Little Boy says. At first, I though maybe this was done in an effort to give him an accent. But, the typos stop after this.

Pepper: It is nice to see you too, and don’t worry I will have all your favorite dishes in a jiffy.

Little Boy: Awesome! I so excited for egg hunt and will need all the energy I can get for that.

Pepper: Let me see if I can help you with that.

Pepper: Good luck for the egg hunt and come back anytime you need a little snack.

The new recipes added in Level 1 of Easterville are:

Backed Ham Special? I think they meant Baked Ham Special. It’s a typo.

Creamy Ham Soup

Easter Eggs

Hot Cross Buns

Lamb Chops

New Appliance! Easter Egg Crate Level 1 – Create Easter Eggs.

This appliance is a required purchase. Players cannot start Easterville without it. Fortunately, it can be bought with gold – the in-game currency.

The Easter Egg Crate Level 1 costs 1,000 gold.

This is what the inside of the food truck looks like in Easterville in practice mode. The customer wants Easter Eggs, which come out of the cupcake tin that Pepper (the player character) is standing next to.

I got three stars in Level 1 of Easterville.

The new recipes added in Level 2 of Easterville are:

Braised Lamb

Easter Biscuits

Easter Dove Bread

Lamb Kabab

I got three stars in Level 2 of Easterville.

I got three stars in Level 3 of Easterville.

The new recipes added in Level 4 of Easterville are:

Ham Biscuit

Ham Quiche

I got three stars in Level 4 of Easterville.

The new recipes added in Level 5 of Easterville are:

Lamb Stew

Cranberry Glazed Ham

I got two stars on Level 5 of Easterville.

The first Token Gate in Easterville requires 10 Tokens. Players must get a minimum total of 10 stars in order to go through the Token Gate.

When I hit this point, I had thirteen stars in the first half of Easterville. It was more than what the Token Gate required. The leftover Tokens can be used on the second Token Gate.

Later, after completing Easterville, I went back and earned a few more stars. That is why the screenshot above shows less stars than I had in the screenshot at the top (and bottom) of this blog post.

Here are the rewards for passing through the first Token Gate.

Here is what the inside of the food truck looks like about halfway through Easterville. It shows the Easter Egg Crate – Level 1.

I got two stars in Level 6 of Easterville.

I got 1 star on Level 7 of Easterville.

The Easter Egg Crate Level 2 can be purchased for 2,000 gold. It provides players with twice as many servings of Easter Eggs than the Level 1 version does.

Here is what The Easter Egg Crate Level 2 looks like in the food truck.

I got two stars in Level 8 of Easterville.

I got three stars in Level 9 of Easterville.

I got two stars in Level 10 of Easterville. It is the last level in this town.

This level is tricky because it requires players to serve at least five Lamb Kabab dishes to customers. It is entirely possible that a player won’t end up with enough customers who order it.

The second Token Gate requires 10 Tokens. I took this screenshot right after I had earned the required amount.

There was still time to play Easterville after I finished it, so I went back and tried to earn more stars. In the regular Kitchen Scramble towns, my goal is to get three stars in every level. This doesn’t always happen. In time-limited towns, I just try to do the best I can.

Here are the rewards that player receive after unlocking the second Token Gate in Easterville.

Pepper: So, how did you do in the egg hunt?

Little Boy: It was great, I found the most eggs, now I need something to celebrate.

Little Boy: Thank you, Pepper! Its too bad we have to wait another year to have you Easter special recipes.

This is what Easterville looked like when I was done with it.

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