Greenburg is one of what I think of as the “extra” towns in Kitchen Scramble. Players don’t have to do them in order to continue making progress through the game.

I find the “extra” towns to be a fun challenge. This was not the first time I attempted Greenburg, but it was the first time I was able to complete it.

Chef Crisp: Play Greenburg for a limited time only! Earn special rewards, such as star tokens , power ups or boosts, and premium ingredients, by passing each Vine Gate. If you pass the final gate, you’ll earn exciting powerups and boosters!

Chef Crisp says that the Token Gates in this location are called a “Vine Gate”. The map of Greensburg, however, has them labeled as Token Gates.

Chef Crisp: Time is running out………Once Greenburg expires, you can no longer earn the rewards.

For whatever reason, the text in Kitchen Scramble sometimes includes randomly placed punctuation.

Chef Crisp: Greenburg requires Fruit Basket, not Supplies, to play each level.

The towns in Kitchen Scramble require the player to use Supplies. They are consumable items that enable a player to play through a level in the town. If you run out of Supplies, you must wait for them to replenish.

In this Greenburg tutorial, it becomes clear that these levels require “Fruit Basket” (not Supplies). The item is called “Fruit Basket”, but the sentence would sound better if it said “Fruit Baskets”.

Chef Crisp: Friends can give you Fruit Basket as a gift, or you can purchase Fruit Basket from the store. Your Fruit Basket supply will also replenish itself, but not as quickly as your Supplies do.

This is what Greenburg looks like before the player starts working on it.

The new recipes for Level 1 are:

Blueberry Smoothie

Fruit Kabob

Kale Chips

Mango Smoothie

Mango Tomato Salsa

Hipster: Greenburg welcomes you again with open heart Pepper.

Typically, a character that lives in one of the “extra” towns greets Pepper. From this, we learn that Greenburg is Hipster’s home town. He’s been following Pepper’s food truck around since the beginning of the game.

Pepper: It’s so wonderful to be back here, the lush green gardens and fresh air just rejuvenate you.

Hipster: Yes it does, now imagine if the whole world was green minded like the people of Greenburg.

Pepper: Let’s hope we are moving towards a world like that.

This is what the inside of the food truck looks like in Greenburg.

I got one star in Level 1.

The new recipes for Level 2 are:

Mint Smoothie

Earth Cookies


I got three stars on Level 2.

I got two stars on Level 3.

I got two stars on Level 4.

The new recipe for Level 5 is:

Veggie Burger

I got two stars on Level 5.

Players need to earn 10 Tokens in order to pass the first Token Gate in Greenburg. Each star the player earns gives them one Token.

The rewards are: 4 Heart Blasts (which keeps customers calm and happy), 4 Blueberries (which are used in more than one recipe), and 4 regular Tokens (which can be used in the regular towns but not in Greenburg).

The 10 Tokens that I used to unlock the Token Gate have been consumed.

I got 2 stars on Level 6.

I got 1 star on Level 7.

I got 1 star on Level 8.

I got three stars on Level 9.

I got three stars on Level 10.

I have now earned an additional ten stars, which means I also have accumulated ten additional Tokens. I was ready to use them on the last Token Gate in Greensburg.

Hipster: Leaving so soon?

Pepper: Yes, I just got some fresh ingredients and was hopeing to take it to the next town before it loses its freshness.

That sentence has a typo. Someone has misspelled the word hoping. I’m not sure if the spelling and punctuation mistakes are made by a person who has English as a second language – or if the person writing the text was rushed.

Hipster: Maybe if those towns started growing their own eco friendly local gardens, we wouldn’t have such worries.

Pepper: Once they taste these, they might do just that. See you around.

The last thing to do was use the Tokens on the last Token Gate in Greensburg, and claim the reward.

The first reward is an hourglass that adds more time to the levels that end when the clock stops. The second reward is one that finishes recipes instantly after the player has added all the correct ingredients. The third reward is one that prevents food from burning.

Here is what Greenburg looked like after I played through all the levels and picked up all the rewards. It was nice to finally be able to complete this town, after several failed attempts.

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