Molassessippi is the fifth town in the Kitchen Scramble game. It is a time-management game where players need to make recipes and serve food to customers. Ideally, you are able to get the food to them before they get too grumpy and go away.

I have a ton of food allergies, and it amuses me to play around with virtual food. In Molassessippi, players learn how to make recipes like Barbecue Chicken and Sweet Potato pie.

At the end of Chef Academy, players have to wait for Truck Maintenance to end before they begin working on Molassessippi. The countdown was in real time, and there was no way to speed it up (unless you want to pay real-world money). Players just had to wait… and find something else to do for a while.

New Appliance! 3-Cup Sweet Tea Machine – Soothe impatient customers with free sweet tea. 

Players must purchase this item before they can start working on the levels that are part of Molassessippi. Fortunately, this item can be purchased with in-game currency. It does not require players to spend real-world money in order to continue playing the game.

The 3-cup Sweet Tea Machine cost 30,000 gold. Ideally, a player would have gathered up at least that amount of coins before starting Molassessippi.  If not, then the player needs to find a way to earn whatever amount they are short. If that happens to you, I would suggest going back to Chef Academy and playing through those levels – again – until you get the amount of gold you need.

Sunny Blue: Welcome to Molassessippi, where the barbecue chicken will knock your socks off! 

Pepper: And I’ve heard all about the legendary sweet potato pie. My mouth is watering already!

Pepper is the player character. According to the Kitchen Scramble Wiki, Sunny Blue appears shortly before Level 90 (which is the very first level in Molassessippi.)

Sunny Blue: Allow me to introduce myself. The name’s Sunny Blue. I write and sing the blues.

Pepper: That’s funny. You look like a pretty happy guy.

Sunny Blue: Yeah, that’s the problem lately. My producer wants me to write the saddest blues song he’s ever heard, but I’ve been too happy to do it.

Pepper: I see, that’s quite a pickle. Well, I’ll hope for some sad news for you…

I got three stars in Level 90.

I got three stars in Level 91.

Pepper: How’s the sad song coming along, my friend?

Sunny Blue: Terribly. And your cooking isn’t helping one bit. It lifts my spirits every time I eat here!

Part of the story line in Kitchen Scramble is presented in conversations between Pepper and NPCs (non-player character) in between Levels. There are also tutorial portions where the game uses an NPC to teach the player how to do something that will be new to them.

I got three stars in Level 92.

Chef Crisp: Off and running again! I knew you would be!

Chef Crisp is from the Chef Academy. She is the only NPC that appears to present the player with tutorials. The screenshot above shows what the inside of the food truck looks like in this part of Molassessippi.

Chef Crisp: In addition to coin goals, you’ll also have to serve a certain number of dishes.

Chef Crisp: For this shift, make sure you serve 4 orders of boiled shrimp to customers.

Chef Crisp: Alright! Let’s cook!

There are some disadvantages to having to serve a specific number of a certain recipe to customers in a given level. It is entirely possible that the game will not give the player enough customers who happen to want to order that recipe. If this happens, the player could earn all three stars – but still fail the level because they didn’t serve the right number of the special food. It can be very frustrating!

I think the purpose of these types of levels is to burn through the player’s energy resources. Many app games use some kind of energy to limit how long players can play. In Kitchen Scramble, the energy resource is called “Groceries”.

Players must spend 10 Groceries every time they start a Level. It is possible to have other players send you some Groceries. But, I find that I mostly end up doing something else until enough real-time goes by for the Groceries to reappear.

I got three stars in Level 93.

I got three stars in Level 94.

I got three stars in Level 95.

Chef Crisp: Your cooking keeps getting better and better. You’ve mastered so many recipes here already!

Pepper: I’m determined to qualify for that Instructor position at the Chef Academy!

In an earlier part of Kitchen Scramble, Chef Crisp sort of, kind of, implied that she was interested in hiring Pepper as a professor in the Chef Academy. To qualify, Pepper had to master the cuisines of six different regions (or towns). So far, Pepper has mastered the cuisine in Pittsburger, Waffleton, and Mozzaroma. Molassessippi would result in four out of six cuisines.

I got three stars in Level 96.

I got three stars in Level 97.

I got three stars in Level 98.

I got three stars in Level 99.

Sunny Blue: The more I eat here, the happier I get. At this rate, I’ll never be able to write a sad blues song again!

Pepper: Sorry, I can’t help it. I live to make my customers happy!

The screenshot above shows what the food truck looks like in Level 100. Look at the back wall, and you can see that this is one of those tricky levels where players can only lose one customer. I found this level to be incredibly difficult. When I finally managed to get one star – I decided that was good enough for me.

I got one star in Level 100.  It honestly was the best I could do.

Level 101 was the kind where players had to serve a specific amount of a certain recipe to players. This time, players had to serve at least 4 Barbecue Shrimp orders to customers. I’m quite certain it took me more than one try to get three stars in Level 101.

This screenshot (which is also at the top of this blog post) shows how I did in the first part of Molassessippi.

I got three stars in Level 102. It is the last level in the first part of Molassessippi.

I started the second part of Molassessippi on March 13, 2017. There is a Token Gate in the way. Players cannot go past unless they have gathered up 100 Tokens. At the time I was playing this part of Kitchen Scramble, this was a difficult task.  At the time I am writing this blog post, Kitchen Scramble added some Daily Quests that enable players to earn plenty of Tokens.

Being able to pass through a Token Gate feels good. It’s not fun to be stuck behind something that prevents you from continuing your progress in a game. This is true for Kitchen Scramble, and plenty of other games.

I got three stars in Level 103.

Chef Crisp: Pepper, you’ve just about mastered the cuisine here. Just a few more shifts, and you’ll be ready to move on!

Pepper: I’d better start thinking about what regional cuisine to work on next…

I got three stars on Level 104.

I got three stars on Level 105.

I got three stars in Level 106.

I got three stars in Level 107.

I got three stars in Level 108.

Overall, I found Molassessippi to be one of the best towns in Kitchen Scramble (so far). The recipes are brand new, and didn’t take very long for me to learn them. The customers get a bit grumpy at times, but it felt manageable. The story line was interesting.

Sunny Blue: I heard you’re leaving town, and that’s really bringing me down. How will I get by without your cooking?

Pepper: Oh don’t worry, I…

Sunny Blue: Wait a minute! This is great news I’m sad. Really sad! Sad enough to write the saddest blues song you’ve ever heard!

So far, there have been some customers who tell Pepper that they are sad that her food truck will be leaving their town soon. Sunny Blue is an interesting character, and is the only blues singer/songwriter in Kitchen Scramble. When he shows up at the food truck, he’s one of the most patient customers.

Sunny Blue had a problem that existed before Pepper’s food truck arrived. His producer wants him to write the saddest blues song ever. He’s a happy guy, so this wasn’t easy for him.  Then, he found that Pepper’s food made him really happy – which made it even more difficult to write a super sad blues song.

But now, Pepper is about to leave town and move on to the next one. This makes Sunny Blue sad…really sad… and now he has enough inspiration and emotion to write the saddest blues song ever. I’m sure his manager will be delighted.

Sunny Blue might be the only character I’ve seen in a video game who has the ability to enjoy feeling both happy and sad at the same time.

I got three stars on Level 109.

I got three stars on Level 110.

I got three stars in Level 111.

I got three stars in Level 112.

I was only able to get one star in level 112. I don’t remember exactly why, because it’s been a while since I played through Molassessippi. In general, the customers get extra cranky in the last few levels of a town. Or, the problem might have been that the customers in this level all wanted very inexpensive foods – which makes it hard for players to make enough money to earn stars.

It’s also possible that level 112 was one where players had to serve a certain type of food to a specific number of customers. These kinds of levels are hit or miss. Sometimes, I’ve had to re-do a level many times before the game gave me enough customers to successfully complete a level.

I got three stars in Level 113.

I got 1 star on Level 114. It is the last level in Molassessippi.

I am absolutely certain about the reason why I was only able to earn one star in Level 114. It is one of those levels where you can play until you lose too many customers. I’ve noticed that the longer you play these types of levels – the shorter the time span between “happy customer” and “enraged customer” gets.

Pepper: Amazing! I’ve even mastered the legendary sweet potato pie! My work here is done for now.

Sunny Blue: My work is done, too! My producer was in tears over my new song, ‘Food Truck Farewell’.

Pepper: I’m so happy for you, Sunny. And don’t worry, I’ll be back in Molassessippi from time to time, honing my hushpuppies.

Hushpuppies are one of the recipes that players learn in Molassessippi.

Pepper: Until then, I think I’ll take a break from the heat here, and seek out some ocean breezes…

This is a clue for players about what to expect in the next town. It is located near the ocean, and all the customers want seafood.

I completed all the Location Goals in Molassessippi. Players don’t have to complete all of them in order to move on to the next town. I like to do it anyway in part because all of them can be done simply by playing through the location. In addition, players get Tokens for each Location Goal they complete.

Here is what the second part of Molassessippi looked like when I was done with it. I like to try and get three stars in every level, and will repeat levels until I reach that goal. I’ve learned that there are some levels that are extremely difficult to get three stars in. Some levels appear to be impossible to earn more than one or two stars in.

I was ready to move on to Chowderville (the next town in Kitchen Scramble). Unfortunately, there was a Truck Maintenance “road block” in my way. Players have to wait for a countdown – that happens in real-time – to end before they can move on. In general, I walk away from Kitchen Scramble and return long after the countdown is over.

Another option is to pay Kitchen Cash, which is an in-game currency that can sometimes be earned by the player. Players can also choose to spend real-world money in order to buy some Kitchen Cash. In the screenshot above, the game suggests that player spend 15 Kitchen Cash to “speed up” the timer.


Kitchen Scramble App: Molassessippi is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.

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  1. I am having such a hard time getting past level 91, I haven’t purchased any of the boosts or the faster machines, but all of my customers leave with 5 stars with the occasional 4 stars and I still cant get enough coins!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Danielle!

      Here are some things to try:
      * Watch some ads. Press the “Watch and Earn” button at the bottom of the Molassessippi part. When the ad ends, the game will give you something that appears on the Prize Table. There is a 55% chance that it will give you coins. Or, you might get premium ingredients. Customers pay more for foods made with premium ingredients.
      * Complete the Quests. Press the “Task” button. It opens a menu that includes Quests. Complete all three quests, and you will get a surprise gift. It could be coins, tokens, kitchen cash, or something else.
      * Check the Market to see if you can purchase anything that costs coins instead of kitchen cash. They should be a little faster than the starting machines.
      * Use the iced tea to keep customers at 5 stars – and remember to refresh the tea. One good trick is to stick a glass of iced tea on the holding plate and use it while the iced tea is refreshing.

      I hope some of this works for you!

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