Kitchen Scramble is a time-management game that started out on a website, then got sold to a different gaming company, and reemerged as an app.  I have a tendency to play this game a lot for a while, and then drop it and move on to something else.

There is something about video games with digital food that I find fun. Maybe it’s because I’ve got a ton of food allergies, and in-game food is safe to play around with.

The second town in the game is called Waffleton.  It requires players to make breakfast foods for customers, including plenty of waffles.

There is at tiny bit of storyline in Kitchen Scramble. Some of it is presented as part of a tutorial, and the rest happens in between certain levels.

Chef Crisp: Pepper, you’re just in time. Capers Cuisine already has a following here. Candace is even attracting the attention of Basil Graham, the famous food critic.

Pepper: I’ve heard he’s hard to impress. He won’t be fooled by her methods.

Chef Crisp: You never know. Candace is a whiz with artificial flavors.

The overall storyline of Kitchen Scramble has the player character – Pepper – competing against an NPC (non-player character) named Candace. They each have their own food trucks. Pepper is using fresh healthy foods, while Candace is using artificial flavors and processed foods.

Whoever wrote this game cast Pepper – who uses fresh and healthy foods – as the “good guy” and Candace – who uses processed food as the “bad guy”.  I cannot help but wonder if this game was intended to encourage players to want fresh food.

Chef Crisp: Oh! One more thing, in Waffleton you’ll start having timed shifts!

Chef Crisp: As long as there’s time remaining, another hungry customer will stop by!

Chef Crisp: Serve as many as you can, as fast as you can. Ready, set, go!!

The purpose of the timed levels is to make the game a little bit tougher. It limits the amount of customers you can serve. Sometimes, that’s fine. Other times, it can be difficult to get enough customers before the time runs out if you want to earn more than one star on a level.

I like to try and get all three stars on every level. It’s not always possible. In general, it takes me more than one try to get all three stars.

Kitchen Scramble is a game that runs on “groceries”. You start with a certain amount and can play until you run out. After that, you have to wait until enough time goes by for the groceries to replenish. There are many app games that have this type of system.

I got three stars on Level 15. It is the first level in Waffleton.

I got three stars on Level 16.

Chef Crisp: Good news, Pepper! You’ve unlocked a powerful new Boost. Tap the Boost button to select it!

Chef Crisp: Use the Instant Dish to immediately serve any customer whatever her heart desires. Here is one for free.

Chef Crisp: Give it a shot!

I got three stars on Level 17.

I got three stars in Level 18.

Cowboy: We like our food fresh here in Waffleton. I hope you’re up to the test.

Pepper: I know I’ll pass with flying colors!

Cowboy: I have to admit, I’m impressed. You deserve to be certified farm fresh!

Pepper: Glad to hear it. I hope you’ll tell all your friends.

I got three stars in Level 19.

I got three stars in Level 20, which is called Waffleton Eggcellent. In this level, players have to serve a lot of egg dishes to customers. There is a fried egg, and a boiled egg.

Chef Crisp: Click Stamps to see all of the Collections.

Stamps was something newly added to Kitchen Scramble when I was playing through Waffleton (September of 2016). Since then, they also added something else that is sort of a daily quest thing.

Chef Crisp: Collect Stamps in levels throughout the game. Complete a Collection to earn a PRIZE!

Tip: The first Stamp Set is found in Waffleton!

The Stamps randomly drop from customers. I think there are certain levels where players are more likely to get a specific Stamp to drop, but I’m not certain of that. Keep playing the game, and you will eventually get enough Stamps to complete a collection.

Here’s what the food truck looks like in Waffleton (without any customers). I took this screenshot after finishing a level. It is missing a mixing bowl, which isn’t needed until later levels.

I got three stars in Level 21.

Chef Crisp: You have unlocked the Heart Blast boost! Tap the Boost button to select it!

Chef Crisp: Use the Heart Blast to immediately fill up your heart meter to 100% and go ON FIRE! Here is one for free.

Chef Crisp: Gain bonus coins from customers until the heart meter fully depletes. Give it a shot! Here is one for free!

I got three stars on the Waffleton Cereal Killer level. It is Level 22. Most of the customers in this level order cereal with milk or with milk and either blueberries or bananas. All of it requires the mixing bowl.

I got three stars in Waffleton Be Patient. It is Level 23.

Chef Crisp: Marvelous! You’ve found your first Stamp!

When you collect a Stamp, it shows up in color. Greyed out Stamps have yet to be collected. The prize for collecting a full set of Stamps is located on the end of the row.

I got three stars in Level 24.

I got three stars in Level 25.

I got three stars in Level 26.

I completed the first half of Waffleton.

Chef Crisp: Ready for your next test, Pepper?

The inside of the food truck has gotten more clutter since the last screenshot I posted of it. This tends to happen in Kitchen Scramble. Players start a new town with a minimum of kitchen gadgets and a few recipes. Things grow from there.

Pepper: You bet!

Chef Crisp: You’ve been doing so well in Waffleton, you’ve attracted the attention of a very important customer…

Chef Crisp: Basil Graham, the legendary food critic. He can make or break your shifts!

Basil is an herb. Graham reminds me of a graham cracker.  The food critic is named after two foods that don’t go together very well.

Chef Crisp: Rumor has it he’s short on patience. But serve him quickly and he’ll tip generously!

Chef Crisp was right about that rumor. When the food critic shows up, I give him whatever is handy as fast as I can. Sometimes, it’s fruit, other times it is a pastry. If I have something that is just about done, and the customer who wanted it is still at five hearts, I give the food to Basil Graham and make the other customer a new one.

If you make the food critic wait – his hearts go down faster than most of the of the other customers. When a customer’s heart level gets low, they get really angry and then leave. This makes it harder for the player to earn more money, or to earn their next star in a level. It can also end a level that stops after a specific number of customers leave.

Chef Crisp: Let’s show Basil what you’re made of!

Basil Graham: Pepper, your food is absolutely superb. You deserve every star.

Pepper: What a relief! Your positive review means so much to me.

Basil Graham: I can’t make any promises yet. I can only publish one review, and Capers Cuisine is still in the running…

I got three stars in Level 27.

I got three stars in Level 28.

I completed one of the Waffleton Location Goals: Serve 750 Customers.

I got three stars in Waffleton Mix it Up – which is also Level 29. I don’t remember exactly which recipes were part of this level, but I’m fairly certain they all required players to use the mixing bowl or the mixer.

I got three stars on Level 30.

Pepper: I managed to impress Mr. Graham. But I’m afraid Candace did too.

Chef Crisp: Don’t worry. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

Pepper: Thanks for the warning. I’ll be ready for anything.

I completed another Waffleton Location Goal: Serve 25 Blueberry Pancakes. One more Location Goal to go!

I got three stars in Level 31.

I got three stars in Level 33.  I also got three stars in Level 32, but forgot to take a screenshot of that.

I completed the last Waffleton Location Goal – Earn 20,000 in Tips. This is what the Waffleton Location Goal board looks like after a player finishes all three goals. Players do not have to complete any of the Location Goals in order to move on to the next town. I like to try and finish them anyway.

I got three stars in Level 36.

I got three stars in Waffleton Going Bananas – which is also Level 37. Many customers in this level order bananas, or other recipes that include bananas.

I got three stars in Level 38.

Basil Graham: Hello again, Pepper. For your last test, I’ve asked the good people of Waffleton to broaden their palates!

Pepper: What does that mean?

Chef Crisp: He means any dish on the menu could be ordered!

Each level in Kitchen Scramble comes with its own combination of recipes. Things start out easy, and then get more complex as players work their way through town. The storyline is warning the player that the next level will be on where customers can order any of the dishes that appeared in any level of Waffleton.

Basil Graham: Exactly right. The chef from Capers Cuisine wasn’t able to pass this test. Perhaps you’ll fare better.

I got three stars in Level 39.

Chef Crisp: Well done! Mr. Graham will write a glowing review, but you’ve already won over everyone in Waffleton!

Pepper: Phew! That was tougher than beef jerky.

Chef Crisp: Looks like Ms. Capers has given up on Waffleton and is heading to Mozzaroma.

Pepper: Then I’m heading there too. We can’t let anyone else fall victim to her cooking.

This is what the second half of Waffleton looked like after I completed all the levels.


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