Chowderville is the sixth town in the Kitchen Scramble game.  When your food truck gets here, it starts serving seafood.  The menu now consists of clam chowder, lobster bisque, fried clams, fried shrimp, and some crab dishes.  Overall, the foods are fun to make and fairly simple.

I expected to enjoy Chowderville, but it turned out to be an exercise in frustration.  The reason that I hated this town, so much, is entirely due to the introduction of an ill-tempered, incredibly impatient, character called “The Chowder Monster”.  I’ve seen many players complain about him! Chowderville isn’t fun.

Kitchen Scramble doesn’t have a whole lot of storyline to it.  The brief amount that players receive is enough to explain why there is suddenly a red, tentacle monster showing up at their food truck.

The Chowder Monster seems to be a local legend.  He shows up and demands that you make him chowder.  In later levels, he changes his mind and starts demanding lobster bisque instead.  This character goes from 5 hearts (happy) to 1 heart (irate) in almost no time at all.

Typically, when a customer in Kitchen Scramble gets angry, he or she leaves the counter.  You lose out on the amount of money that customer would have paid for the food they ordered. When The Chowder Monster gets angry, he starts having a temper tantrum unlike that of any of the other customers.   He starts pounding his … head?… tentacle?… self?… on the counter.

If you don’t serve him in time, you lose out on the money he would have paid for his food.  That’s not all you lose!  This nasty creature takes away one (sometimes two) other customers with him. That might be all it takes to prevent you from completing the level (or getting all three stars).

The game seems to be designed so that The Chowder Monster shows up at your counter multiple times (in the levels he appears in – which is most of them).  I’ve had him get mad, refuse to pay for his food, drag away another customer, and then instantly appear at the counter again.  It’s incredibly frustrating!

I’ve been working on getting 3 stars in each level for every town.  I’m also working on completing the location goals.  Needless to say, it took me a long time to finish Chowderville.

The best advice I can give to you about how to get through this town is to just keep trying.  Have your friends send you premium ingredients so you make more money for the dishes that contains them.  It’s also useful to go into Chowderville after you have used coins to purchase every kitchen upgrade (that doesn’t require Kitchen cash).

Here is the first part of Chowderville (with 3 stars in every level).

Here is the second part of Chowderville (with 3 stars in every level).

I also completed all of the location goals for Chowderville.

I’m also going to include screenshots that show that I really did get three stars in the levels that I found to be the most difficult and frustrating.

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