Molassessippi is the fifth town in the Kitchen Scramble game.  It includes food that isn’t found in any of the previous towns. Your food truck now serves things like chili, fried chicken, barbecue chicken, barbecue shrimp, grits, baked sweet potato, sweet potato fries, and more.

Molassessippi was fun and it didn’t take me too long to complete it. I am working on getting all 3 stars in each level for each town.  I’m also making sure I complete the location goals for every town.

I finished Molassessippi a while ago, and just got around to blogging it now.  If you look at the screenshots, you can tell that I didn’t finish it today.  The location goals sign has the old font, which changed when Kitchen Scramble had an update.

Here is the first part of Molassessippi (with 3 stars in every level).

Here is the second part of Molassessippi (with 3 stars in every level).

I also completed all three location goals for Molassessippi.

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