Kitchen Scramble is a “time management” game by Playdom.  You run a food truck, and serve virtual food to the customers.  You start in a town called Pittsburger, and work through the levels in it.  There are several other towns to work through after that.

Somebody made a post in the Kitchen Scramble forum that said they were working on getting all three stars in every level.  I thought that sounded like a fun challenge. To make things even more interesting, I decided to work towards getting all the location goals as well.

I completed Pittsburger a while ago, but haven’t blogged about it until now. Kitchen Scramble has done an update since then.  The font on the location goals has changed.

Here is the first half of Pittsburger (with 3 stars in every level).

Here is the second half of Pittsburger (with 3 stars in every level).

I also completed all the location goals for Pittsburger.

Pittsburger is the town you start in and it is pretty easy to do.  Things get more difficult as you progress through other towns.

I decided to blog about my progress through Kitchen Scramble because I’ve no interest in returning to a town that I have completed. There isn’t really any incentive to do that once you meet all the location goals and get all three stars in every level.

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