I recently started playing a game called Kitchen Scramble. It’s one of those games where you get to run a food truck and make virtual food. In real life, I am not much of a cook. The virtual food, though, interests me. Maybe it has something to do with my many food allergies?

For Halloween, there was a special part of the Kitchen Scramble game. It was called “Spooksburger”. There are several towns within the game, all with amusing names. It has since disappeared, and you can no longer access it. Here are some screenshots of what it looked like.

To get to Spooksburger, you had to click on the jack-o-lantern that was in the corner of the screen. It has vultures flying around it. When you clicked, the screen would dissolve as a bunch of bats flew in and covered it. Below the jack-o-lantern was a “countdown” to let you know how much time was left before it was gone.

Here is what the first half of the town looked like.

This is the second half of Spooksburger.

The purple and orange thing, at the very end, is an ice cream maker. You had to pass every level in Spooksburger, and finish the goals, and earn enough tokens to get through all the gates. Only then, would you receive the special prize.

When you finally get there, the ice cream maker disappears. Where did it go?

Another fun thing about Spooksburger is that the customers were now dressed up in Halloween costumes. Here is a view from inside the food truck that shows a customer that is dressed up like the Bride of Frankenstein.

The food had been altered to fit the Halloween theme. For example, in the usual part of the game, a customer will order a hard boiled egg. In Spooksburger, the same customer orders one that you add an olive to, so that it looks like an eyeball.  The customer in this screenshot has ordered a “green slime pizza”.

Spooksburger is now gone, but the customers who arrive at the food truck when I play the game are still dressed in Halloween costumes. I have no idea if this is a glitch or not. Here is what pops up when you have gathered enough tokens to get through a toll. In Spooksburger, it is called a Cemetery Gate.

These are the Location Goals you must complete. Each town has their own.

What happened to the ice cream maker? I asked other players about it. The people in the chat at the time said the ice cream maker will only appear in the later levels of the Kitchen Scramble game. I haven’t gotten there yet,  so I will have to wait a while until I get to use the prize from Spooksburger.

UPDATE: I’ve been working my way through the levels (or cities?) in Kitchen Scramble. Yesterday, December 8, 2013, I started a level called “Dessert Oasis”. All of the food you make in this level is dessert items. The ice cream maker appeared!

From what I can tell, this level always had customers who would ask for ice cream. So, there must have been a “regular looking” ice cream maker in the food truck for this level. Mine looks like the one I earned when I played the Spooksburger levels.

As you can see, many of my customers are still wearing their Halloween costumes. I don’t mind! It is probably some sort of glitch that will get worked out eventually. Until then, it’s Halloween all year long!

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